help anyone

  hung-194703 02:05 02 Aug 2004

i got a compaq laptop. when the cdrom didnt work, i cant find it from window explorer and i cant open it by pushing the eject button, i went into bios trying to enable the cdrom. somehow i managed to mess it up. now when i start the computer the screen displayed, /"press esc to change boot order - press f2 to setup or press f12 to boot from Lan" and just stay there. Anyone got any idear what this means and how to fix it?
Thanx in advance.


  helmetshine 02:21 02 Aug 2004

press esc...check what the first boot device is...if it's the cd rom change it to your hard disc.If that doesn't work reboot and press f2...there should be an option to reset the bios to factory defaults....altho as it's 2am on a monday morning it might be better to wait a bit and phone the helpline of your manufacturer if the first suggestion doesn't work because they should know hte exact settings the bios should have

  hugh-265156 02:21 02 Aug 2004

enter your bios again F10, and try clicking 'set up defaults' or 'restore defaults' etc its F5 in mine but may be different in yours. this should undo any changes you have made.

  hugh-265156 02:22 02 Aug 2004

ps. save and exit the bios after restoring defaults.

  hugh-265156 02:28 02 Aug 2004

also see click here click here

i would try to uninstall the cd drive via device manager and restart windows. windows should then find and re install the drive again. if it still doesnt work maybe its dead.

  hung-194703 02:29 02 Aug 2004

i forgot to tell you that whatever button i press nothing runs, the computer freezed there.

  hugh-265156 02:48 02 Aug 2004

sorry i thought most compaq computers was F10 to enter the bios.

you said above 'press F2 to set up' does it do nothing when you tap this?

do you have a windows disc? can you boot from this cdrom and run repair?

bit of a long shot but also try downloading a windows 98 OEM bootdisk (regardless of your operating system) from click here boot from it and type 'fdisk/mbr' then remove the disk and restart the computer.... maybe.

  hugh-265156 02:49 02 Aug 2004

ps. save the above to a floppy and boot from it.

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