Help With Antivirus+Firewall Help

  rainwarrior 17:19 23 Nov 2004

Hi im currently on dialup and ive ordered 1mb b/band, I need some help in choosing an antivrus and firewall, that will protect me as i seem too keep gettin hit no matter what i run(also it must be simple and not system hungry) i am currently running nod32 and sygate pro, nod can scan 4files cause it says they are being used(will this be a problem with vunerability or is it a good program) firewalls confuse me as what too allow(do i allow all the windows files it for permission on-or must some be blocked) any help thanx

  Cook2 17:37 23 Nov 2004

click here

With the firewall e.g.

I say no to everything except Avast!, AdSubtract, BigFix etc to allow them to auto-update but with Windows auto-update I set to 'ask'

If in doubt just block it. If a program doesn't run then you will have to allow.

  smudge101 17:39 23 Nov 2004

I run two free programs that have kept me protected for well over a year.
For firewall I use Zone Alarm personal edition, very easy to use and set up and has a good tutorial with it.
For antivirus you would be hard to beat Avast, a very good program with regular updates of the virus database to give up to date protection.
You can find both on click here

  rawprawn 17:43 23 Nov 2004

I concur with smudge101, both are really good and easy to control.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:10 23 Nov 2004

Zone alarm and AVG but AVG7 causing some problems for somepeople so as above ZA and Avast

  rainwarrior 20:13 23 Nov 2004

well since i asked you peeps, running spybot s+d, sygate and nod32, according too nod i had an in memory virus wich cant be removed, so i pulled it off and put back on nortons corporate(tides me over till reinstall) i forgot too mention im running xp pro with sp2, and i know zone alarm has had loads of probs with the latest release(my m8 nearly smashed comp lol) so i suppose what i need is a good virusscanner/firewall/that blocks dam dialers and stuff like that(nortons aint doin it too well lets it on the comp then cant remove(defetes the object) ps.... i dont mind a pay prog as they are more fetured(not avg... too thick too set it up right lol)

  rainwarrior 20:16 23 Nov 2004

sorry peeps i forgot too mention im on AOL for the internet

  CHAIRLEG 20:29 23 Nov 2004

Hi rainwater.When you upgrade to aol bb you can download MacAfee firewall for free as part of aol you can also do online virus check.Look in keywords.

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