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  [DELETED] 14:20 03 Nov 2003

Hi, I'm pretty useless with computers and have an old laptop - Dell. I've stupidly let my Virus packages expire. I used to have Norton and desperately need to update. I think I might have a virus as my systems moving at slower than snails pace now. Can anyone recommend an anti virus package that I can download from the Internet?

Also, any tips on speeding the old machine up?

Thanks, I'll keep checking in incase you need more info.


  Taff36 14:29 03 Nov 2003

AVG - Recommended by a lot of members, myself included

click here

  rawprawn 14:51 03 Nov 2003

click here I find Avast excellent & I have tried both, I ran AVG for about 18 months but I now stick with Avast. It's free like AVG

  beeuuem 14:53 03 Nov 2003

This link click here some useful links and shows the differing views of the various programmes.

I use AVG free edition from click here and Outpost v1 free from
click here
To supplement these you can use AdAware from click here Spyblaster from click here and/or Spybot from click here to stop or remove spyware cookies.

All these are free and give more than adequate protection for a home PC.


  spuds 20:52 03 Nov 2003

Make sure that you completely un-install Norton, then change to AVG, plus install spywares as per beeuuem links.Then you should have a good security system.

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