Help with Anniversary Date In Excel

  oo7juk 13:33 14 Oct 2008

In cell B10 I have a date of birth. I am trying to work out what date an individuals 16th birthday would fall on.

I have the following formula in cell C10:


but I'm not sure if this takes leap years into account.

e.g B10 contains 14/01/1993 and C10 displays 10/01/2009

Should C10 display 14/01/2009?

Many thanks,

  Picklefactory 13:41 14 Oct 2008

I'm confused.
What have leap years got to do with it. Doesn't your birthday always fall on the same date as your date of birth? Mine does, same date every year, monotonously. :-)
Do you mean what DAY their birthday falls on?

  T I M B O 13:43 14 Oct 2008

I think 007juk must have meant what day as apposed to what date

  Picklefactory 13:47 14 Oct 2008

Hmmm I've just re-read and it seems OP's issue is his calculation is not giving correct date. I just used that same formula and it works fine, so not sure why it is not working for them.

  VoG II 14:02 14 Oct 2008

With the Analysis Toolpack installed (Tools > Addins)


  jaraba 14:36 14 Oct 2008


Then format cells to show day as well as date.

Format/cells/custom/ddd dd-mm-yy

  jaraba 14:38 14 Oct 2008

Sorry should say B10 for year & NOT B9

  jaraba 14:42 14 Oct 2008

In your formula you had day as (10) instead of (b10)

It is a wed according to this formula.

  Picklefactory 15:08 14 Oct 2008

That, I think is the answer OP was looking for. His original post stated that he wasn't getting the correct DATE displayed 14/01/1993 going in 10/01/2009 as result. His original formula had the error you have pointed out, on repeating his formula, I also got the same result, your correction puts this right. I think it was as simple as that.

  oo7juk 21:59 15 Oct 2008

Thanks to all who replied. I didn't even notice my mistake, thanks again for all your prompt replies.

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