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help andriod firmware upgrade or update

  gerry1957 01:45 08 Aug 2015

hi ive got an arnova tablet 10G2 im trying to check for a andriod firmware update from gingerbread version to andriod latest version ,and im wandering can it be done,and can it be updated straght to the tablet as im not very technical minded,but if you have to send it my laptop i will try if the instructions comes with easy instructoins explaining all computer jargon,i know im asking a lot ,but this oldman will be happy,so can it be done if so maybe i start learning, all the best and thank yoy ,gerrard

  northumbria61 05:45 08 Aug 2015

Take a look at Arnova Support under heading Firmware-Find out More-select your device.

  northumbria61 05:47 08 Aug 2015

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