Help again with multimeter please

  iqs 14:44 12 Feb 2008

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Hello.I have the above meter,if the link works.I posted a thread sometime ago,and a forum member called 'octal'was very helpful.

I have another request in regards to testing for example a piece of wire,a fuse, more so the on/off switch on a Pc.

How would I set the meter to check that current can/will flow through the wire for example.

Cheers all

  mfletch 14:52 12 Feb 2008


Set the meter to a suitable resistance range

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  iqs 14:59 12 Feb 2008

├četa and mfletch.
I have done has you suggest,the wire I tested stated 00.0.I can assume from this that the wire is ok,and that there in no resistance.

If there is a problem with the wire,what sort of reading should I see.

Thank you both for your quick replies

  woodchip 15:02 12 Feb 2008

The needle should move to ZERO not just stand still. You may have to put it on Diode test

  woodchip 15:04 12 Feb 2008

If it does not move it is open, to set up put the probes together and zero meter

  mfletch 15:05 12 Feb 2008

If you bring the probe ends together the needle/scale will move all the way over,

The same should happen when a fuse or wire is good

  iqs 15:06 12 Feb 2008


The meter is digital,when its first switched on it states 1,I have crossed the leads as per the instructions in mfletch link.This produced the reading 00.0.The same as the test wire.Thanks

  woodchip 15:09 12 Feb 2008

Yep that's OK

  johnnyrocker 15:12 12 Feb 2008

to check a switch you will need to find both in and out connections, might be red in and out and black in and out.
then connect your meter set as already suggested to one in wire and the corresponding out wire, with switch off there should be no reading and continuity on switch on.


  iqs 15:15 12 Feb 2008

woodchip,mfletch and ├četa.

I have only recently started the Pc repair course and the correct use of mutlimeters is a few months off.I was just wanted an advantage.

With your help another questions answered.But can I just ask again,what kind of reading should the meter display if a fault is present.

Thank you all

  iqs 15:16 12 Feb 2008

johnnyrocker for your help.cheers

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