help - adsl router disconnecting

  mitey_won 21:59 11 Jan 2005

have an adsl modem/router which keeps dropping the adsl data signal intermittently. have checked router settings - set timeout to zero, checked physical connection, firewall etc

cant figure out why or what to do. Any tips?

running 2 pcs on winxp pro. Using pipex with belkin wireless adsl modem/router.

  Mikè 22:31 11 Jan 2005

Don't know which router you have but look at this click here in most Belkin routers this is a hidden adsl stat's page (may be some help)

Have you upgraded to the latest firmware?

  mitey_won 22:48 11 Jan 2005


may be being thick but doesnt seem to tell me alot. Using the F57630. Had a look on google and there seem to be issues with this model but cant find a solution. Tried the new firmware but no difference.

can anyone suggest a good adsl modem/router thats stable and doesnt disconnect every 10 minutes when the computer is idle?

Is what i use.. no problems!

Is it dodgy filters at all? or house wiring?

  mitey_won 23:18 11 Jan 2005

thing is, the adsl connection drops but will come back on when i click on refresh on the browser (most times). If it were a dodgy filter/loose connection, i would expect the connection to drop altogether, so that leaves either the settings or the router itself, and ive tried everything i can think of with regard to the settings.

  Spark6 23:34 11 Jan 2005

'Using the F57630'.

I have the F5D7630 ADSL Modem with Built-In 802.11g Wireless router. No problems at present.

  mitey_won 19:48 12 Jan 2005

could you give some details of your setup - i maight br doing something wrong, or for that matter anyone else who has the belkin F5D76730 modem with built-in 802.11g wireless router.


  Spark6 20:06 12 Jan 2005

The guide I used successfully was click here

Best of luck mitey_won

  mitey_won 22:48 12 Jan 2005

thanks for your help, i guess I'll just keep tinkering away until I get some joy or a new router.



  Mikè 23:14 12 Jan 2005

Well you have the same router as me (works fine for me on Pipex), so the link I posted above should take you to your routers "adsl status page" you may have to enter your admin password.

The reason I sugested going to click here is that noise levels ect are given, which if posted may give a clue about your problem.

  Hairy Yeti 23:19 12 Jan 2005

How long have you be using the hardwear/having the problem? Is it consistant? I have been having connection problems (different router) for about the last week and allways during the rough weather. When the wind drops things are OK again.

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