Help with ACRONIS OS , Please?

  Wak 20:31 24 Oct 2003

Hi, In the past I have used the Acronis OS Selector program with a 20GB hard drive split 6GB / 14GB and the boot manager showed up the two partitions as expected. I could then choose which partition to boot up.
I have recently installed a new 40GB hard drive (in place of the original 20GB drive) and, using Acronis again, have split this into 20 / 20 GB (approx.) and cloned Win 98SE to both partitions.
In the Disc Administrator, they show up as
C:\ Pri Act FAT 32(LBA) and
D:\ Pri FAT 32(LBA).
However, in the Boot Manager only the C:\ drive shows (together with DOS prompt and Floppy drive options) and therefore I cannot boot in to the D:\ drive from the Boot Manager. I've tried all the options I can find in the menus but still can't get the D:\ drive to show up in the boot menu.
Have I got one of the settings wrong or am I missing something obvious?
Any help or suggestions would be very welcome.
Thank you in anticipation.

  woodchip 20:45 24 Oct 2003

Don't think it will work as a clone, you need to make an Image of C:\ with Drive Image then load the Image to D:\ and see how it goes

  zanwalk 21:01 24 Oct 2003

Windows 95/98 must reside on a partition within the first 8Gb on the disk, ME/2000/XP are not subject to this restriction. I would think that this is your problem.

  woodchip 21:06 24 Oct 2003

It should work on D:\ but cloning does not make changes to the MBR so dual boot will not see it but using Drive Image and loading 98 to D:\ will make changes to the MBR so that it should be seen with the boot loader

  Wak 21:18 24 Oct 2003

Thank you Rayburn and Woodchip for your input. I see what you mean about cloning. It won't see the same thing twice??
I'll look in to Drive image and may post back later but I'll tick this as resolved for now.
Thanks again for a quick response.

  zanwalk 21:55 24 Oct 2003

I have just tried to boot a 98 installation at the end of a 40Gb drive using Acronis, it does not recognise the installation....

  woodchip 21:57 24 Oct 2003

Have you tied installing it with Drive Image

  zanwalk 22:08 24 Oct 2003

Yes, I created the partition with PM, and then copied the partition with DI. I was going to install BootMagic, until I came across an old floppy with Acronis 5 on it, so I tried that. I will probably try BM as well to be sure, as I am more familiar with that program, but not tonight - I am too tired!

  zanwalk 22:21 24 Oct 2003

There is another free for personal use boot manager available from here:

click here

I have yet to try it out.

  Wak 11:33 28 Oct 2003

Just in case anyone is still interested in ACRONIS, I'm posting to let you know that my problem has been solved using Acronis itself.
The problem was that I could see two partitions on a 40 GB drive (C: and D:) in Explorer but not in the Boot Manager and therefore couldn't run partition D:\.

As Woodchip suggested, cloning doesn't work as it does not amend the MBR, therefore I deleted the D:\ partition, leaving the C:\ partition and equal amount of free space.

I then used COPY from the Acronis Partition Manager Menu to copy partition C:\ into the free space so that I finished up with two identical systems, one in C: and the other in D:, both of which show up in the Boot Manager and are both bootable.
The programs, directories, etc. within these two systems can now be amended to suit my requirements and are both operable.
Thanks to all for your assistance and interest.

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