Help about installing ADSL modem

  jediknight007 14:31 12 May 2003

Hi, I just received my ADSL modem and I am finally on my broadband connection with PlusNet right now but there are some questions I need to ask.

1. The installation guide is confusing. I have a USB, Phone and Line socket at the back of my Dynamode modem but do I need to plug anything into the Phone socket? I have connected the USB cable from my PC to the USB socket and the Line socket to the phone socket.

2. Also, does the RJ-11 ADSL cable which you have to plug into the Line socket have to reach all the way and be plugged into the micro-filter which is then plugged into the phone socket? My RJ-11 cable is a bit too short and cannot reach it. At the moment, I'm plugging the RJ-11 cable from the modem to a micro-filter which is plugged into an extension cable. The extension cable is then plugged into the phone socket. The reason I done this is because I have no other way to have my RJ-11 cable reach the phone socket and the extension cable doesn't have the same socket as it so I have to use the micro-filter to do it. I have checked the phone and it's unusable so if I plug a second micro-filter, will I then be able to use the phone?

It will then be like this:

PC - USB cable - ADSL modem - RJ11 cable - microfilter - extension cable - micro-filter - phone socket

Will it work this way?

3. A final question: on my Wip Tech status thing which looks like the 2 monitor icon you get when you are connected the net, it says I am connected at 8.0Mbps. I'm sure that it is just displayed incorrectly because so far, my pages load quite fast. Is this the same as the 512Kbps I should be having? If so, how can I change this 8.0Mbps to the 500-something Kbps?

Any help would very much be appreciated as I have waited a very long time to get ADSL. Cheers!

  jediknight007 14:40 12 May 2003

OK, I have just tried the above where I connect 2 micro-filters and it doesn't work. The phone works alright but the modem ADSL light keeps flashing and I can't connect because some network icon with a cross appears. Looks like I might have to get an extension RJ-11 cable or something to connect to the filter since I know that the filter should really be plugged at the phone socket. Does it cost much for a longer RJ-11 cable and will any do?

  crx1600 14:56 12 May 2003

i split the line at the wall socket,and plug into it a normal phone extension,and a filter.

at the other end of the extension is the second filter,with my PC and a phone.

i also have a phone in the filter at the wall socket.

i do get a bit of hissing on the phone line, when the phone at the wall socket filter is plugged in,but i can live with that.

  doug vem 15:00 12 May 2003

Have just noted this. I have also gone BB using PlusNet but with the PCI modem. After some troubles am now up and running. Will post again as soon as I get back from collecting G'daughter from school.

  doug vem 16:18 12 May 2003

I think that the installation instructions from PlusNet ar a bit economical to say the least especially when it comes to cabling and connections. When I rang them for help was told that the bulk of the set up problems they had been getting were due to connections. 1) my PCI kit came with 2 normal microfilters and a straight through dongle which consisted of a block with an adsl socket only the other end had a 6 in. cable terminating in an adsl plug. This is redundant and only used in America. 2) the rest is best described from my exoeriences. After much faffing on I eventually moved my PC to the master incoming wall socket. Here I plugged one of the micofilters into the wall socket, The pc and house phone were plugged into the appropriate sockets of the microfilters. The didn't work so I plugged the pc straight into the wall socket using a pc to phone socket lead from my old modem. This worked OK. Following a comment from one of the PlusNet advisors who said they may have to change the microfilters if I had a problem but I would have to return the whole package. I shot down to Maplins with one of the filters, the chap took one look and plonked a BT approved one on the desk - Their ref A72AG. He also said that I might have to replace the extension lead that I run from the master socket to where mt pc normally sits. At home plugging the new microfilter into the wall socket, the pc into the adsl socket and the house phone into the normal 'phone socket on the filter and all was well pc and phone working fine. 3) ~When I moved the pc back to it's normal place then I had the problems again. Removed the microfilter and plugged the extension lead straight into the wall socket and the pc was up and running again. I the tried plugging the extension lead into a phone socket doubler the pc extension lead into that and nothing else and had problems again. This pointed to the probability that the normal phone extension cable was putting too much impedance on the signal. Sun morning down to Maplins again for 17 metres of data cable and 2 plugs and crimping tool. Made upt the cable, plugged the microfilter into the wall socket, the new cable into the microfilter - the other end into the modem card, and the house phone into the other socket on the microfilter. Since then all has been well.

I think this is the basic set up. I have one of these radio house phones with 3 extensions off the base unit. If you have more than one normal phone then provided they go through the normal socket all should be well. Sorry to be so long winded about this but as this is new territory for me I could only describe what I found and did. Good luck. BB is certainly all it is claimed. Especially as in the last 24 hours my wife has not screamed at me once for hogging the phone.

  jediknight007 16:32 12 May 2003

Ok, I have managed to get 576.0Kbps now instead of the 8Mbps I had before so that's sorted. Can I use the cable which you plug into the 56K modem which has the RJ11 plug at one end and a normal phone plug at the other end? Can I just plug this into the back of my ADSL modem and then plug the other end into a normal phone extension. And then I just plug this extension into a micro-filter which is plugged into the phone socket as normal? Or do I have to get a proper RJ11 cable for my ADSL modem? And why do modems all have a phone socket in them? I have only had to use the Line socket and it works ok and I plug all my phone cables into the main phone socket. So why does the phone socket on modems exist?

  jediknight007 18:41 12 May 2003

Ok, all I need to know now is where I can get a longer RJ11-RJ11 cable, probably 5 metres in length? I have been to Dixons but they don't have it. Will PC World have it?

  jediknight007 18:50 12 May 2003

Will this cable do: click here It doesn't display the picture so I'm not sure if it's the correct cable to connect my ADSL modem to the filter.

  doug vem 19:53 12 May 2003

I think the cable you're link was to should be OK. Hope it works OK.

  jediknight007 22:52 12 May 2003

If anyone is interested, here is what my current setup is like click here I think I'm going to get another extension cable instead and plug the phone into the filter so that I don't have to move the modem.

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