Help with abbreviations/acronyms.

  curlylad 22:04 22 Sep 2005

If I was to purchase a copy of Windows XP Pro , which copy would I buy to get the original plain copy ?

What I mean is some of the copies I have seen for sale say they are just windows xp pro , some say xp pro + COA and I often also see windows xp pro OEM.

1)What does the COA stand for or mean ?

2)What does the OEM stand for or mean ?

3)If I want as I say to install Windows XP Pro on my PC what copy do I buy ?

Thanks in advance !

  curlylad 22:06 22 Sep 2005

...... in addition to this can you guys suggest where I can buy the cheapest authentic Windows XP Pro CD please.

  VoG II 22:09 22 Sep 2005

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

COA Certificate of Authority

  DieSse 22:18 22 Sep 2005

I think in this context COA is actually Certificate of Authenticity

For what it's worth!

  VoG II 22:24 22 Sep 2005

Hangs head in shame.

  Stuartli 22:45 22 Sep 2005

You should note that an OEM copy does not carry support from Microsoft, only from the retailer who supplied it with a new computer system.

  Stuartli 22:50 22 Sep 2005

Some Microsoft support and advice re XP Pro:

click here

Some of the differences between XP Home and Pro can be found on the Microsoft website or, alternatively, at:

click here


click here

  PC Bilbo 22:58 22 Sep 2005

I would add that OEM version not only carries no support rights from Microsoft but that the License will die with the machine it was first installed on.

A retail (boxed version) although much more expensive not only gives you the right to contact Microsoft Engineers for supportbut also allows you to transfer the software to another machine in the future (provided you remove it from the previous pc first).
Microsoft will if neccessary issue you with a new Product Key ( free)to activate it if you contact them.

On balance I have always opted for the OEM versions
since they are near half the price if you shop around

  PC Bilbo 23:01 22 Sep 2005

Sorry my fingers hit the send unintentionally.To complete my last sentence and echo others why go to Microsoft when you can use the Forum?

  curlylad 23:23 22 Sep 2005

Thanks for the info so far . I need a copy that I can transfer onto a new machine if my PC dies , also I want a copy that can be verified by Microsoft on line so that I can update it via Windows update site and also a copy that provides me with the microsoft product support should I require it.This means I need a COA copy then as opposed to an OEM copy so can anyone suggest the most competitive priced copy and where I can get it please ?

  VoG II 23:26 22 Sep 2005

You don't need a copy, you need an original. Try PC World.

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