Help !! 45gb missing from a 80gb hard drive

  nurn 19:44 09 Apr 2003

I have xp pro 30gb master hard drive 80 gb slave my motherboard is a jetway v333u which supports ultra ata 133 when I came to install a slave hard drive I set the jumpers and pluged the cables in turn it on it was detected in post and by windows as being as above (30gb master-80gb slave) but had no letter asigned to it and also needed formating which then i didn't know how to do so i remembered that windows formats on a new o/s which it did then i put 2 partions in and formated them but turned it off before the o/s when in, when i turn it back on i now have a 35gb hard drive as a slave and still a 30 as master can anyone help I thnk I need a dos formating tool to wipe all the info out (xp,partition magic,my pc info don't show a 80gb hd only on norton disk doctor checking free space and say it cann't fix

  flecc 20:35 09 Apr 2003

You're probably using the FAT32 file system, and XP has a 32 gb limit on it's format tool with that. If so, you either need to run Fdisk using a Windows 98 startup floppy or use Partition Magic or similar. You can download the files for a 98 floppy from here:-

click here

  nurn 22:27 09 Apr 2003

ive formated with ntfs

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