AlfiePage 14:56 20 Sep 2014

when i download games of steam my maximum download speed is 1.0 mb per second. when i do an internet speed test i get about 15 mb per second. could any one tell me whats the problem or if i have to un-cap it or something.

  Ian in Northampton 16:47 20 Sep 2014

Steam is such a popular service that I'm guessing they just can't serve everyone who wants to use it at speeds like 15MB/second. They almost certainly put some kind of throttle on it to ensure everyone gets at least some bandwidth.

  Peter 17:13 20 Sep 2014


Are you sure both measurements are in megabits/second (mb/s) and that the download speed isn't 1.0 megabytes/second (mB/s).

Wow Ian in Northampton "speeds like 15MB/second". I'm on BT Infinity and I only get 30mb/s! ;-)


  Ian in Northampton 17:34 20 Sep 2014

Peter: oops.... :-(

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