motherhubbard 18:55 29 Jun 2014

acer aspire desktop m1100 I am not receiving a signal to my monitor and believe that the graphic card has failed can you install a graphics card I have tried two cards that I know works but the screen stays blank I am going round in circles if you need to disable the onboard graphic card how can you do it if you have no screen, I am a war veteran and my computer is a lifeline can anyone out there help me

  Jollyjohn 19:00 29 Jun 2014

if you have onboard graphics try that for now to get a screen, usually works, even if a poor resolution when windows starts.

If you are getting no screen it may be the monitor.

Do you get anything at all on the monitor?

Graphics card failure usually gives a "no signal input" or"disconnected" message on the monitor.

  Ian in Northampton 19:25 29 Jun 2014

As Jollyjohn says: normally, if a monitor isn't receiving a signal, it will display a message to that effect. If yours isn't displaying such a message, as Jollyjohn suggests, that could mean that you have a monitor problem (unusual, but very possible) rather than a graphics card problem. That theory would seem to be reinforced by the fact that you have tried other known good graphics cards without success. (The only other explanation for that would be a faulty PCI or AGP slot on your motherboard - but again, you should see something on the monitor.) Just to double check: is the power light on the monitor on? (i.e. is it possible the monitor power supply has blown?) As a last resort, do you know someone whose PC you could attach your monitor to to eliminate (or not) that as the source of the problem?

  Ian in Northampton 19:27 29 Jun 2014

Oh, and - as Jollyjohn also suggests: if you remove the possibly faulty graphics card, and reboot, your BIOS should recognise that it no longer has a graphics card to work with and will default to the onboard graphics. Have you tried booting the PC with the graphics card removed, and the monitor attached to the onboard graphics?

  Ian in Northampton 19:29 29 Jun 2014

Me again... And there's a very small chance you have a cable that's developed a fault. Can you eliminate that as the source of the problem?

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