Help, 2 pcs, one broadband, one no modem eeeek

  purps 21:26 06 Dec 2005

Existing pc 4 years old, connected via Homecall speed dial broadband. New pc for daughter, Mesh. Got it out of hole for sticking modem in. on spec says 10/100 ethernet. I presume this means it has a wireless connection...How do I get it online, should I return it to Mesh and get modem installed, very stressed now, can I run the two together on broadband,

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:50 06 Dec 2005

What operating systems on each pc?

How is the broadband modem connected to the old pc? (I take it the modem is external)

Is the new pc replacing the old pc?
Do you want to network them together, so they can both access the web?

In answer to your question about Ethernet - no it's not wireless, the opposite actually. You need a similar socket on the old pc and a network cable to link them.

  007al 01:04 07 Dec 2005

Rather than link the two pc`s together,i suggest a router.The cable to your existing pc will plug into this.The new pc connects via cat5 cable from the ethernet port.
the driver disc for the router should do the hard work for you for both pc`s to run from the modem your current pc is connected to

  iscanut 11:57 07 Dec 2005

Unless I am being thick, surely the PC has USB sockets into which an external Broadband modem can be plugged in ?

  DieSse 12:15 07 Dec 2005

Ethernet should be a cable connection, NOT wireless. So according to the spec as you describe it, there should be an ethernet socket (like a large telephone socket.) It will probably be in a different place, up amongst the main set of connectors.

Is the existing modem an Ethernet or USB connection to the PC.

Do you want to have both computers connected, or just the new one.

  purps 12:40 07 Dec 2005

Original pc, win xp, usb external homecall broadband speed dial box thingy.

New Mesh pc, has NET port on back, cant seem to find a cable for it in box though. only a phone line one???

In two different rooms, yes if possible both running at same time.

Whole point is second pc cost enough as it is, want to do this cheap as possible and wondered if I should return to mesh and have reconfigured with modem, or just have the nervous breakdown anyway and cancel xmas

  DieSse 12:52 07 Dec 2005

Put the modem into the USB port on the new system.

Get an Ethernet CROSSOVER cable to link the old system to the new one.

Then both systems can use the ADSL as long as the one with the modem is switched on.

  DieSse 12:54 07 Dec 2005

You may have to get (very inexpensive) an Ethernet PCI (LAN card or NIC) card for the old system.

  PaulB2005 12:55 07 Dec 2005

More than liely the easiest way will be to get an ADSL Wireless router to replace the modem and then have a USB Wireless adapter on the new PC to pick up the Wireless connection.

  DieSse 15:02 07 Dec 2005

"want to do this cheap as possible" they said

  purps 23:30 07 Dec 2005

Thanks for your comments so far......still trying to get my head round it.....looks like I'm being dragged into the technology age at last....I'm more used to dial up and reels of extension cables.....

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