agent 47 15:21 21 Apr 2005

i have just run a test with sisoft sandra,
and it reported lots of things wrong with my system!
"mainboard temp too high" also my cpu temp is 64 celcius! whats going on with my system, is everything going to pack-up.
what can i do?

My system specs are – amd sempron 2800+socket a,512mb ddr ram,80 gig hard drive, xp pro with sp2, soundblaster 24 bit live soundcard, 16×dvd rom, 8×dvd rw. & pc chips 848a mainboard.
Nvidia Geforce fx 6600 256mb.

agent 47!

  SANTOS7 15:34 21 Apr 2005

first thing to do would be to check to see if what fans you have installed are running,if you are happy go inside your tower with the usual safety precautions have a look there first

  gudgulf 15:36 21 Apr 2005

First thing to do is take the side off the computer case and check that all the fans (cpu/graphics card/case fans/power supply) are running.Whilst the side is off check for any build up of dust and fluff especially in the cpu heatsink and case ventilation slots.Clear away anything you find.Then see if you still have a problem.

  SANTOS7 15:40 21 Apr 2005

might be a while Gudgulf did mine the other day as i do once a month it is amazing how much dust you get, once done my PC will run up to 4-5 degrees cooler

  gudgulf 15:49 21 Apr 2005

I know-----I check mine every couple of weeks as the computer is working 24/7

  agent 47 15:52 21 Apr 2005

i have looked inside & there is not much dust there, all the fans are running ok!
what next!
also is 64 celsius too high, what should it be about?
agent 47

  Pooke100 15:55 21 Apr 2005

I have never seen my athlon xp 3200+ go above 40 celsius.

A better title might help bring more people to your problem.

Kind Regards


  BurrWalnut 16:02 21 Apr 2005

Believe it or not, 64 is not excessive for AMD.

However, Sisoft Sandra, Everest and the like sometimes give false readings. Have a look in the BIOS for the temperatures, which I think is a more accurate reading.

  SANTOS7 16:12 21 Apr 2005

AMD cpu's will happily run up to 85 degree's as for sisoft's accuracy i am with Burrwalnut

  medicine hat 16:20 21 Apr 2005

Where does Sandra get the temperature reading from if its not the BIOS?

  agent 47 16:25 21 Apr 2005

are u guys saying there is nothing to worry about?

agent 47!

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