eljanno 21:20 02 Jan 2005

Hi Guy's
I am having all kinds of problems here latley, could someone help please.
Basicaly I downloaded a few drivers for a new printer I have and they have cause alot of problems, my system cannot see in control pannel my cdrw and my dvdrw, when I look in device manager they have yellow exclamation marks against them when I go to properties the message is "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)" this is the same message for both devices, I uninstalled them and windows finds them when I reboot but the same message.
The cd/rw is a Lite on, and the dvd/rw is a philips 1640p

  toni b 21:25 02 Jan 2005

Try rolling back driver to previous one from device manager

  Buchan 35 21:33 02 Jan 2005

I downloaded a few drivers for a new printer`
eljanno, how many drivers does your printer need?

  eljanno 21:39 02 Jan 2005

Hi Toni
Just done that and it says no driver files have been backed up for this device.

  toni b 21:47 02 Jan 2005

The problem occured when you tried to install the NEW printer drivers??? have you tried uninstalling the printer to see if the New drivers are/where conflicting with your cd /dvd? what is the printer model/brand

  eljanno 21:56 02 Jan 2005

god knows what I did I clicked on the driver and the next thing the printer had unistalled, I think something has taken the cd & dvd drivers as well (the ones that are part of windows)I have uninistalled everything that came with the printer but I have not re-installed it I am more concerned about getting the cd & dvd up and running again, Think I may have to re-load windows :( (the printer is epson R200)

  sattman 21:59 02 Jan 2005

Have you tried a system restore using a point when all was ok.

  toni b 22:01 02 Jan 2005

Can you download the drivers for you cd/ dvd again .Have you check windows update ? try and it will check to see if it has drivers availible .Sorry just be sure what operating system are you using?

  bobbybowls 22:04 02 Jan 2005

uninstall the drivers for the problem devices go to the companies web sites and download the one driver that each device requires or if cd/dvd drives came with pc install from windows disk.

  ACOLYTE 22:10 02 Jan 2005

I cannot honestly see why printer drivers of any kind would affect the CD/DVD drives,the drivers for them so to speak are IDE drivers unless your CD/DVD need special drivers,most will run with the generic windows drivers,but again why printer software should remove them is beyond me.
Did you download the printer drivers from a good source? and check them befroe install?,you could always delete the two optical drives from devive manager,reboot and let windows detect them again.
click here for the error message.

  eljanno 22:20 02 Jan 2005

I have done that but to no avail still sam problem.
Tried that, it didnt work
Toni B
How do I do that?
I have tried to find the driver from other sites but nothing, my os is XP pro and my writers are
Lite-on-LTR-52246s, cd/rw
Philips dvdr 1640p dvd writer.
I am blaming the printer drivers because thats the only thing I have done recently that could have something to do with it all.

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