andrew-216448 05:39 31 Dec 2004

happy new year to all. need help. how do you remove the task bar on the left of my desktop screen containing folder tasks, other folders and details. it just suddenly appeared on my desktop on the left side. cheers for the help

  asstec 06:30 31 Dec 2004

Left click on it and move to where you want it.When your happy lock it so it won't move by right clicking.

  andrew-216448 06:46 31 Dec 2004

won't work. can not move by dragging. the bar i mentioned appeared on tyhe left side of my screen. it sort of made my desktop a size smaller because it stayed on the left side of the screen.

  Mavisk 07:22 31 Dec 2004

Right click taskbar,then left click on unlock taskbar, then try dragging it to where you want it, then right click again and lock the taskbar.

  andrew-216448 08:07 31 Dec 2004

hi, is it possible to attach a picture so that i could let someone see what i am talking about. i don't think it is part of the task bar. a vertical space containing folder tasks, other palces and details as headings appeared on my left screen eating away space from my desktop. this is the one i am having problem removing.

  jack 08:46 31 Dec 2004

Moving the task bar around the screen.
Clicking on it and dragging it to where you want
IS the remedy.
However the trick is to 'click' the right spot.
Computery, like wimmin is a matter of trial and error to find the right spot.

  Andsome 08:51 31 Dec 2004

I can only agree with the others. You must have dragged it there accidentally yourself.

  andrew-216448 08:54 31 Dec 2004

looking at it carefully, i think it is not a task bar because i still have my task bar at the bottom of the page. this is sort of a additional window on the left side of the screen occupying at least 20 percent of the screen from top to bottom on the left side. still need help removing it. cheers

  Gongoozler 08:58 31 Dec 2004

Hi pamintacake. To send a picture, press the Print Scrn key on yout keyboard. Open any picture editing program e.g. MS Paint. Paste the image of your desktop and save as a JPG file. Click on the envelope alongside my nickname and email me to give me your email address. I'll reply with my email address, then you can send me a copy of your desktop and I can see if I can help identify this new bar.

  octal 09:02 31 Dec 2004

Any good if the image can be uploaded to this site so everyone can have a look?

click here

  Molded 09:02 31 Dec 2004

Right Click on an empty part of your taskbar - Click "Toolbars" - and see if you have inadvertantly added another.

By default all that should be ticked is "Quick Launch".

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