Help !!!!!!!!!!!!

  dkuk2000 20:31 10 Sep 2004

Just recently i got suckered to a bogus paypal site which resulted in me being left me with a dreaded "Amescisco keylogger V1.".
This was picked up with webroot spyblaster but it couldn't get rid of it.
So in total panic i formated my hdd twice then reinstalled windows.
Just finished putting software back on and did a scan just to put my mind a rest and IT'S BACK !!!!.
Can anybody help me get rid of the bloody thing ?.
Does it live in my bio's or something?.
Os Win Me

  Halmer 20:41 10 Sep 2004

click here

and do you need to disable system restore before you run any Spybot stuff?

  Graham ® 20:44 10 Sep 2004

Please be aware many forum members will not respond to a 'Help' subject, even if they know the answer :-)

  It's Me 20:46 10 Sep 2004

I fully appreciate that you would like someone to help you, but a brief description of the problem would elicit a much better response.

I am only here because of curiosity, and I know not how to help


Is that the case then. I've not heard that before.

  stalion 20:48 10 Sep 2004

I will respond to any heading I am here to help

  Graham ® 20:53 10 Sep 2004

Ah, so is it the number of exclamation marks that count? :-)

  stalion 20:55 10 Sep 2004

I did not know that exclamation marks could count

  citadel 21:21 10 Sep 2004

spysweeper removed amecisco keylogger from my pc.

  VoG II 21:32 10 Sep 2004

fdisk /mbr

  Halmer 22:28 10 Sep 2004

I'm a novice but I am aware that for certain instances you have to disable system restore temporarily, run the anti-virus or anti spyware then restore system restore back to how it was.

My Computer/Properties/System Restore/Tick Turn off System restore.

Worth a go and I can't see how it can harm anything. Others are better placed than me to advise you though.

  VoG II 22:31 10 Sep 2004

It is in the Master Boot Record.

fdisk /mbr

to remove. Nothing to do with System Restore.

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