craigybabes 11:27 25 Apr 2004

can anyone tell me what spyware is and what do they do?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:31 25 Apr 2004

click here and download the free version of adaware.

Spyware is generally harmless and merely reports your web meandering back to a server. the info can be used to target adverts etc. It is done ANONYMOUSLY so there is nothing to worry about. Adaware will clean out any trackers/spyware. You need only use it once a week or so. Credit card spending patterns are used in the same way;-)))


  deadneat 11:35 25 Apr 2004

Why is it called "Spyware" ?
While this may be a great concept, the downside is that the advertising companies also install additional tracking software on your system, which is continuously "calling home", using your Internet connection and reports statistical data to the "mothership". While according to the privacy policies of the companies, there will be no sensitive or identifying data collected from your system and you shall remain anonymous, it still remains the fact, that you have a "live" server sitting on your PC that is sending information about you and your surfing habits to a remote location.....
Are all Adware products "Spyware"?
No, but the majority are. There are also products that do display advertising but do not install any tracking mechanism on your system. These products are not indexed in our database.

Is Spyware illegal?
Even though the name may indicate so, Spyware is not an illegal type of software in any way. However there are certain issues that a privacy oriented user may object to and therefore prefer not to use the product. This usually involves the tracking and sending of data and statistics via a server installed on the user's PC and the use of your Internet connection in the background.

  muppetmark 11:41 25 Apr 2004

more on spyware click here

  spuds 13:31 25 Apr 2004

If you want to download some spywares or other security/protection programmes, then check here click here or click here

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