Hellppp meee i dont know how to fix this

  Bojan Kik 22:29 09 Feb 2018

so turned on my pc(win10) and turned on my game but the screen went blurry and there was a box which moved around it said Frequency out of range 68khz / 60 hz. i restarted and the box was still there. i changed the resolution and the box was still there moving after 5 or 10 min my screen turned off. When i turned on my pc in safe mode it didnt have the problem. i dont know how to fix this..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 01:09 10 Feb 2018

Its the frequency you need to change (refresh rate) not the resolution

  mole44 04:44 10 Feb 2018

As a general rule before i mess with any settings i do a couple of things, note down the old settings on paper and create a restore point.

  alanrwood 11:30 10 Feb 2018

Set the refresh rate to 60Hz.

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