VasilMak 20:21 06 Dec 2014

I've deleted my administration acount after that I turned off and then when I turned on I couldnt acces because it had to fill username and password which I dont know then I restarted and accessd in safe mode then created acount GUEST then restarted and accessd in GUEST acount,so my question is how to get it back is there a way????

I have WINDOWS 7


  sidecar sid 20:28 06 Dec 2014

1) Click Start.

2) Click Computer (you might also find this icon on the desktop).

3) Right click on the Hard Disk icon where your OS is installed on and click Properties.

4) Click the Security tab.

5) Click the Advanced tab.

6) Click the Change Permissions button located after the Permission Entries list.

7) A new window will appear on your screen; which contains a list of all the User Accounts available on your computer.

8) Select the user account you want to give total control over your Windows 7) and click the Edit button.

9) Now, tick the checkbox labeled "Total Control" and press OK.

  VasilMak 21:21 06 Dec 2014

tried that!,CANT CHANGE NOTHING it shows the window right after I click to change stomethin DO YOU WANT TO ALLOW .... shows YES and NO and can only click NO !? :( WTF CANT DO SHIT!!!!!

  lotvic 22:43 06 Dec 2014

You could try: Tap F8 repeatedly at start up before windows logo comes up > Repair your computer > System Restore > Choose your restore point (to before your admin account was changed to guest)

or one of the other methods on answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum scroll down to where someone else had deleted their Admin account.

  rdave13 23:23 06 Dec 2014
  VasilMak 00:59 07 Dec 2014

YEAH like I thought just cant do shit tried all of that still can be admin NEVERMIND thanks for all but I think I'll reinstal windows.....


  rdave13 01:20 07 Dec 2014

VasilMak no need to THANKS , we didn't do any shit. You did it.

Learnt a lesson here maybe?

Don't do stupid shit like deleting an admin account maybe uhh?

Go reinstall.

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