Hello genuine posters

  gabriella 22:48 19 May 2005

Dear all

Is anyone as dismayed as I am since about Sunday?

This is a good site with good people just wanting to post messages and help one another out as best we can.

Am I the only one with a feeling of suspicion and mistrust when reading and considering replying to posts - is anyone who they seem to be??

We need to be as one, strong and supportive.

I do not know what issues our recent visitor has and why he/she feels the need to post such offensive posts.

Gabriella x

  Andsome 22:55 19 May 2005

What's all this about???????????

  SANTOS7 22:59 19 May 2005

We seem to be highjacked by some fool who has nothing better to do than post mutiple garbage........

  gabriella 22:59 19 May 2005

Hi Andsome

I think you just need to look around this site to find the answer to your question.


  dogbreath1 23:02 19 May 2005

This is becoming like a Kenny Everett 'Angry' sketch...but without the humour. Incidentally, I posted a similar comment following another recent assault by the brainless one (krazi kid, Napster, whoever), but I suspect that FE edited it out coz the brainless one might be offended! I also suspect that it's posts like this one that motivates the guy to keep going.

  Andsome 23:05 19 May 2005

What the hell is going on further down the list of postings? Where are the powers that be? Why is there no facility to contact a moderator?????????????

  SANTOS7 23:07 19 May 2005

Unfortuanately you may be right, this person i'm sure will carry on the more they are talked about i think a sensible suggestion would be to completely ignore the post's, let the F.E. sort things out, till this person hopefully gets bored and climb's back under it's rock.....

  Pooke100 23:09 19 May 2005

in 100% agreement.

We are fuelling this guy, completely ignore it and do not discuss it, i know its hard to keep quiet but the FE will sort it out. It's the last time you'll here from me on the matter.


  gabriella 23:14 19 May 2005

Agreed - subject closed.

Gabriella x

  dogbreath1 23:22 19 May 2005

...and you wonder why!? "What the hell is going on further down the list of postings? Where are the powers that be? Why is there no facility to contact a moderator?????????????" I rest my case...

  Stuartli 23:58 19 May 2005

The FE is away.

You will always get clowns/braindeads with nothing better to do than stir it up no matter what the circumstances.

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