"Hello" email and email in french-Hotmail

  suedeblue 21:07 03 Dec 2008

Has anyone been receiving emails from contacts with the title "hello" or in french.
For the past week or more I have been getting emails from friends who have not sent me an email but using their email addresses.
It also seems my emails have been sent out with the title of hello to all my contacts.
Any help would be appreciated.

  recap 21:14 03 Dec 2008

I would suggest running your anti virus scanner.

  suedeblue 21:18 03 Dec 2008

I have twice since the first lot of emails and nothing came up. I'm using AVG latest version.

  lotvic 00:47 04 Dec 2008

What email client do you use?
Is is Webmail or on/from your pc?

Are the emails sent from you (that you haven't composed) in your Sent Folder? Is that Webmail or on your computer?

Are they connected in anyway to Social Network sites such as Facebook, Bebo etc? (they have a virus doing the rounds at the moment that emails all contacts)

  suedeblue 16:30 05 Dec 2008


I use hotmail and that is where the emails are coming from and being sent to anyone in contacts list.

I'm also receiving them from other people.

  johndrew 16:39 05 Dec 2008

I had four in Russian today - the first ever - via my Orange account all different addresses. I use plain text rather than HTML and the AVG scanner found nothing so I presume them to be SPAM and dumped them - permanently.

It would be interesting to know if there is a concerted attack or whether these are just some more of the usual junk that floats around the web.

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