morph1976 23:11 12 Jul 2004

My pc aint making any noise any more! I run xp and have creative 5.1 as my sound thingy. when i logged on i got the error message CtHelper MFC Application needs to close if this is any help !?!?!?!?

  SANTOS7 00:32 13 Jul 2004

cthelper is actually a plug-in created by creative S/B click here if you scrool down it will tell you exactly what it is as for getting rid of it, untick it from startup menu and try and manually delete cthelper.exe file

  SANTOS7 00:32 13 Jul 2004

scrool= scroll, lol

  morph1976 10:22 13 Jul 2004

i have 'go back' and used that to revert my drive.is that just a temporary fix or will it be ok to fix it for good?

  SANTOS7 10:51 13 Jul 2004

not entirely sure but deleteing the exe file should stop it loading again

  morph1976 11:40 13 Jul 2004

thats it done.thank you santos

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