Heatsink advice on motherboard

  Taw® 19:23 02 Nov 2004

I am just about to replace my mobo. The new one is an epox cu 133 and my processor is a pIII 1ghz.
On removing the heatsink and processor from the old board there does not appear to be any compound on the surfaces. Question is do I need to apply compund to the heatsink or processor? In the manual it just says "note Intels reference design thermal solution is an active heatsink; an extruded aluminium heatsink based and a fan attached to the top on the fin array" but does not mention applying thermal compound anywhere.

  ICF 19:25 02 Nov 2004

Yes I always have.Then again I have always used Athlon chips.

  Taw® 20:32 02 Nov 2004


  spuds 20:37 02 Nov 2004
  Taw® 21:44 02 Nov 2004

ICF many thanks and spuds good rid have added to my favourites.

  Taw® 21:44 02 Nov 2004

spuds sorry should have been good read!!!!!

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