heat sink fell off...

  Computerdope 19:49 18 Nov 2008

hi guys,
i have just tried to replace my slave hdd, but i found my heatsink for nvidea sitting in the bottom of the cabinet.
would it be advisable to fit a seperat graphics card, and bypass the on board graphics.

all help welcome.

  Computerdope 20:10 18 Nov 2008

my main board is aopen ak79g-1394.

  DieSse 22:29 18 Nov 2008

Referring to picture in the manual.

Firstly, the heatsink belongs on the top chip near the processor. It should have wire retaining clips. If they are still there, try refitting the heatsink.

If you can see some thermal compound in the hip and/or heatsink, wipe it off and put a very little fresh on before refitting.

Secondly, this is not "the graphics chip" - but part of the nvidia chipset which runs the whole board. You can't "get around it" by fitting a separate graphics card - proper operation of this chip is essential for the whole motherboard to operate.

One way or another you must replace this heatsink. If the retaining clips are broken, then please come back to us.

  DieSse 22:50 18 Nov 2008

"thermal compound in the hip"

should read "thermal compound on the chip"

Otherwise it sounds a bit like arthritis - sorry.

  Computerdope 09:16 19 Nov 2008

as i cant find it in the case i have no chance of refitting it.

sorry for the delay, home pc wont run, just resets and crashes, does this mean rip for the chip set.

thanks mark.

  DieSse 15:34 19 Nov 2008

I think there's a 99% chance you'll need a new motherboard.

You could try supergluing on the heatsink (clean the previous compound off first) - but It sounds like the chips already gone.

  Computerdope 21:51 19 Nov 2008

i've just bought a new base unit, trying to sort now, thanks for trying.

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