heat sink fan - necessary?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:58 28 Jun 2005

My heatsink fan seems to be giving up the ghost and the death throes are pretty noisy. So I have a couple of questions?

Where might I find a replacement one or will the heatsink need to be replaced at the same time? The processor is an AMD 1300 socket A. If I replace the lot can someone tell me what has to be done please?

Is the fan actually necessary? I read somewhere that they can be taken off to reduce noise. Note that I am very attached to this machine and don't want it (or me) to get burned!

If possible, can you point me to one in PCWorld - I have one nearby and would prefer to pick this up in the shop rather than wait for postal delivery.

Thanks as always, Dio.

  Stuartli 16:04 28 Jun 2005

The fan is there for a purpose, especially with much hotter running CPUs.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:11 28 Jun 2005

Alot of AMD fans clip onto the heatsink and can be removed seperately.

You definately need a Fan with a AMD chip wo.t last 2 minutes without it.

  dan11 16:13 28 Jun 2005

For an athlon, yes they are needed. Or the cpu will fry.

Video's on how to change athlon HS+F.
click here Very easy to do.

This should do you click here PCW, it is expensive compared with click here That will do the same job.

  leo49 16:17 28 Jun 2005

It's all one unit.You need a Socket A CPU cooler.

AMD do[or used to do] an illustrated FAQ "Builder's Guide for Desktop/Tower systems" which clearly takes you step by step through the process of fitting a new one.

  Belatucadrus 16:23 28 Jun 2005

There are some fairly extreme heatsinks, like the Zalman flower that can be operated as passive heatsinks. Doing it with a standard unit would be a very bad idea.

It is possible to change the fans on some heatsinks, but when buying the replacement you will probably need to get a fan with three core cable and speed sensor, as the MOBO will probably not recognise the fan as being present with a two core power supply . personally I'd swap the whole unit click here

click here for notes on how to go about it. click here for the AMD socket A installation guide, it's a 1.06Mb acrobat pdf file, so if you're on dial up be prepared to wait a bit.

  leo49 16:26 28 Jun 2005

Be very very careful if you intend to fit the replacement with the mobo installed in the case.The fan clip can require considerable pressure to slip onto it's moorings and you could easily crack the mobo.

Far better to remove it from the case and place on a flat surface - you'll also be able to see more easily what you're doing.

  961 16:56 28 Jun 2005

If you have a peep you may well find that the fan is attached to the heatsink by 4 screws. Unscrew those and you can take the fan down to pcworld for a like for like or order one from your fave mail order shop

It is often unnecessary to disturb the heatsink

Don't try to run without the fan

  Diodorus Siculus 16:59 28 Jun 2005

Thanks all; job done.

Just after posting a friend called in and she said that she knew what to do - took my car to PCW and came back with heatsink, took old one off, installed the new one and its all going great. And now I have a nice blue light to go with it!

Thanks for all the advice - maybe one day I will have to use it myself!

  Diodorus Siculus 17:31 28 Jun 2005

As a postscript, the machine is now running cooler - the processor is now about 44degrees. Further, it is very much quieter - I hadn't really noticed the gradual build up of noise until it was gone.

  Pidder 18:02 28 Jun 2005

What a helpful lady - wish I knew one like that. What does the blue light tell you?

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