Heat regulation problem with cd and zip drives

  lorih 08:10 20 Mar 2003

hi out there

I'm having problems with heat regulation on my computer.

I'm running a 1.8Ghz Athlon on an Asus motherboard with an Abit GeForce3 graphics card. I have a 40G hard drive, an Asus DVD Rom, a Liteon CD writer and a 250mb zip drive. I've set my system up for medium-intensive graphics work at home. I'm using Win XP.

I've had this system for about 8 months now and everything was fine. Until recently... some weeks ago I noticed that my CDs / DVDs were getting very hot/warm after being left in the DVD drive. This happens even after all applications have been closed and nothing 'active' is running on the computer. Also, the CDs get very hot after just running an app (like a CD player) for say just 10 mins.

I hardly turn my computer off and was wondering if there is anything I could do to stop this heat build-up. I am certain this wasn't the case before when i'd first bought the computer. Although nothing goes terribly wrong with this heat problem I have an uneasy feeling that it is not normal...

The same thing happens to my zip disks that i leave in the zip drive, and to a certain extent (though not quite as much) to CDs i leave in the Writer.

Can anyone tell me if this is anything I should worry about and if there is a fix. If there are heat distribution problems, why are they only beginning to show now?

Thanks a million in advance...

Lori H.

Hi Lori,

I must admit I have never heard of such a problem before, and I cant really think what may be causing it apart from a general build up of heat within the case. As you cay, you leave the PC on for "Long periods" so this may be the case.

Can I ask "How Hot"? Uncomfortable to the touch, warm, or just warmer than you would expect?

I too run an asus board with a 1.8 XP athlon and have no such problem.

What I would suggest is perhaps fitting a case fan or another one if you dont have one already. I have 2 in the front to draw air in and one in the rear pushing it out. My case air temp is 29.1 Deg C as I type this and the PC has been on since 04:30. (4 hours).

Try it, but unlsee you are getting some problems, which you dont specify, I would think this is the best option.

  €dstow 08:24 20 Mar 2003

I'd be concerned about this. These types of drives, in my machines anyway, get slightly warm but not much more than the general internal temperature of the machine and most definitely not "hot".

You say "I've had this system for about 8 months now and everything was fine. Until recently....."

Did you buy the machine new? If so it will still be under warranty. I would at least inform your supplier and ask their (urgent) advice.


  User-312386 08:27 20 Mar 2003

I know this sounds a silly question, but is your ZIP drive internal or external?

  User-312386 08:30 20 Mar 2003

also have you got the Asus probe installed from the MOBO disc? That will give you the temperture of your MOBO and CPU

  lorih 09:03 20 Mar 2003

hi all
thanks for all your responses.

No the discs are definitely not burning hot nor too hot to touch but they are very much warmer than you'd expect from a machine that's just been sitting there with no apps running (i mean the cds shouldn't be spinning in the drive when they're not being utilized right?)

I haven't monitored the temperature using asus probe but that's gonna be the first thing i do when i get home!

and ya there's nothing really wrong with it just yet except i'm positive it wasn't this way until recently...

and yes i did put the machine together from different parts but they were all new parts. I might end up taking it back to the supplier under warranty if there is no fix...

many thanks and any other suggestions very welcome...!!



  lorih 09:04 20 Mar 2003

o sorry madboy- it's an internal zip


  User-312386 09:33 20 Mar 2003

use the probe 1st and see what the temperature is and post back here


  lorih 04:28 21 Mar 2003

ok i checked the probe and the temp was 40degC for the M'board and 61degC for the CPU. I have no idea about temperatures what or range they should normally be at...

is 61 too hi?


  AndySD 04:56 21 Mar 2003

61 is a little high but not too much as Athlons run hot. The top temp is 90.

Do you have a fan at the front of the pc? as in the diagram click here

  lorih 08:51 21 Mar 2003

hi andy

yup i have a fan at the front. maybe i should upgrade it to a better fan(?)

also does the temp of the cpu affect the temp of the CD / DVD / zip drives?

lori h

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