Heat Problem

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 21:57 27 Jun 2004


I just looked in AIDA32 and my AMD Athlon XP 3000+ was running at 59'C.

I took all the sides of my PC and its gone down to 51 after about 10 minutes.

I have an Aero7+ Cooling fan blowing at 3750 RPM (max) on the CPU with 2 case fans. The one at the back blows out and the one at the front sucks in. I dont think the one at the front is much use anyway as its a fancy LED jobby that just sits there and looks good as apposed to having a real use.

Is there any reason why the CPU is so hot and can I reduce its temperature? Is it case ventilation...if so should I get a bigger case with more fan slots?

thanks in advance

  Totally-braindead 22:01 27 Jun 2004

Never mind what Aida says check the temp from your Bios.

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 22:01 27 Jun 2004

I just looked at my other PC, AMD Duron 1.3Ghz also with Aero7 and no case fans is running at 65 with the sides on and 58 with the sides off. The two PCs are on the same deks next to each other if that makes any difference.

I now have the window open and am resorting to wafting air in the direction of the cases with a small piece of cardboard.

Please help me!

  VoG II 22:04 27 Jun 2004

I'm certainly no expert but I thought AMDs did run at those sort of temperatures.

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 22:07 27 Jun 2004

BIOS agrees - 51/52 with the sides off on PC1. I cant reboot PC2 to check the BIOS cos its a network server for my house and the kids are watching a video downstairs streaming from the HDD.

My motherboard warning temperature (PC1) is set to 60'c so if the CPU is wavering around 59 it cant be that good?

  Totally-braindead 22:13 27 Jun 2004

I've got a Athlon 2500+ today its warm and running at 49 degrees, normally runs about the 45 degree mark. Athlons will run to about 75 degrees before theres a real problem but I'd check that the fans are running the correct way round and give them a clean, when they're off obviously. The Forum Editor started a thread last week about not running PCs with the cover off, he said they tended to run hotter now bearing this in mind I don't see how yours is running cooler with the sides off.

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 10:04 28 Jun 2004

I think its case ventilation, the hot air is stuck in the case and it just sits there getting hotter and hotter and the components along with it. The ambient system temperature is about 40'C and with the sides off the hot air can escape and the system cools down.

I might get a new case.

  €dstowe 10:58 28 Jun 2004

Ensure that there is good access for the fans to the outside world and that they're not just circulating air round and round inside the case - that would explain why the machine runs cooler with the side off. Ensure also that the fans are correctly positioned (low at the front, high - level with the CPU at the back) and that they are blowing in the right direction - in at the front, out at the back and the CPU fan blows ON to the CPU. You can test this easily with a smouldering piece of string and watching the fdirection the smoke moves.

60 is not an unreasonable temperature for an AMD CPU.


  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 11:04 28 Jun 2004

The cooler is a Coolermaster Aero7 and it came pre-assembled and if you've ever seen one they can only blow one way.

click here

The fans do blow in the right direction. The front one is under the hard dists and the top one is just under the power supply at the top of the case.

Its now running at 50 idle but I would like it to run in the 50s underload and in the 40s idle.

Any more help aprechiated (sorry for poor spelling!)

  Big Elf 11:14 28 Jun 2004

I read in a magazine review that that particular type of cooler is not very efficient (can't remember why though, sorry). Maybe a different CPU fan might help.

  €dstowe 11:49 28 Jun 2004

Ensure there is free access to outside air - you didn't mention that point I raised. It is especially important with air intakes. If you have filters on any vents, make sure they are not blocked.

Another important thing is to ensure that there is free passage of air through the manchine. You may want to consider moving internal cabling - particularly any flat IDE ribbon cables which can disturb the free passage of air.

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