louna 15:02 13 Jan 2010

Hi there,
Could anyone help me please! I've just started working on my website with heartinternet free hosting. As they don't give any help to this kind of accounts, I'm really stuck trying to login to my website after working on some hyperlinks, so I can try them and see if they work. When I try to login with my domain name and the password that I've been given as FTP password, the login page keep comming up with the silly message saying invalid domain name or password. I've tried many times for 3 days, re-checking my my domain name and password with no result.
Please please please help
Thank you

  Ansolan 02:15 14 Jan 2010

You can't log in with a username and your ftp password. The ftp password is for use with ftp software, you could download something like click here and connect via ftp if you wish.

To log in and use the control panel, you need to use your username, typically an email address and the password relevant to that. This will have been emailed to you when you opened the account. If you have forgotten/lost the password, there is a forgotten password link on the log in page.

  louna 18:37 14 Jan 2010

Thank you Ansolan. unfortunately none of it works: I tried my email address and the password that I didn't forget and rechecked again just to make sure. So I've tried: domain name and ftp password,didn't work, and I tried the email address with the password heart gave me, it didn't work. I'm still stuck Ansolan. Do you have any other suggestions that I could try??
Thanks for replying to my query by the way.

  MAJ 19:10 14 Jan 2010

Ansolan is correct in how to signin, louna. Are you using the correct link to signin? click here

  Ansolan 20:29 14 Jan 2010

Hi louna

May be worth going through the lost password system anyway. All hosts change passwords every now and then, particularly on new or unused accounts.

They should email you a notification but this may have gone missing. If you retrieve the password and this still doesn't work, fill in a support ticket explaining the situation, or ring them. I appreciate the free option is no support in theory but if you are locked out they should at least reset the password and email you.

  louna 21:14 14 Jan 2010

Hi Maj and Ansolan,
I understand what you're saying. Ny problem is not how to login at the biggining. When I login to "extend work panel" I open "file manager" which take me to my uploaded webpages and files. As I said before, I've uploaded some webpages already. When I try to open my website to check if the hyperlinks that I've created work, my website first page opens with a little window in the middle asking me to login using my domain name and password. It says"Welcome to your control panel. Please login using your domain name and password" I tried everything: user name, domain name.. it simpy doesn't what to take me anywhere. I created a ticket, they don't want to know :(:(:( HELP

  MAJ 22:31 14 Jan 2010

"my website first page opens with a little window in the middle asking me to login using my domain name and password"

Are you including the www as part of your domain name? If so, then don't, just use the part after the www. e.g louna.co.uk

  louna 23:17 14 Jan 2010

No I don't use the www at all.

  louna 10:57 15 Jan 2010

Hi there, my domain name is veganbiscuits.co.uk
if you open it try to click on one of the links and see what happens. I even turned the cookies on and still didn't work. Many thanks

  louna 20:28 15 Jan 2010

O, dear :(
Thanks for that. Now I have to start from the biggining. what WYSIWYG software would you recommand? hopefully it's easyfor bigginers like me. Many thanks fourm member.

  MAJ 21:03 15 Jan 2010

Try WebPlus by Serif, louna, it's free and easy to use click here Most computer magazines have some free web building software on their coverdisks, so look around your local newsagent for that option as well.

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