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  Gummomarx 12:44 25 Jul 2008

I have been running my website on HeartInternet's free hosting for the past week or so.

I received an email from HI this morning saying that my site was suspended as I'd gone over the monthly 100MB transfer allowance. I must admit I didn't think the limit would be so low; I hadn't checked since I imagined the nature of my site would demand the lowest allowance within HI's free hosting scope.
Anyway, would some kind soul enlighten me as to the paid package ,most suitable to my needs.

Please have a look the site on my ISP's free hosting: and let me know ASAP so I can get out of the doldrums.


  Gummomarx 19:57 25 Jul 2008

Thanks MAJ. I've gone for "Starter Professional" too although it actually cost me £49.20 including the one-off tenner.

  Gummomarx 20:41 25 Jul 2008

Those are VAT excluded prices, MAJ.

£2.49 x 12 = £29.88 + £2.00 for paying by credit card = £31.88 + £9.99 = £41.87. Add VAT of £7.33 and we have £49.20.

That will be £37.45 next year which is working out at £3.12 per month. I'm happy with that, given what they offer for it.


  erkmatrix 15:43 02 Aug 2008

What are the pictures like that u get free with HeartInternet, I choose webattention in the end but would like to know what the pics are like with the internet hosting package here


  Gummomarx 22:30 02 Aug 2008

I've just had a look for the first time since I have no use for them. It's just as well as they're poor - only about 6KB each.

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