"heartbeat" sound card

  birkdalite 17:51 31 Jul 2003

When I switch on the sound on my pc,there is a faint but discernable regular noise like a pulse or heartbeat in the background, my son says it sounds like a record turntable when the stylus is running in the leadout track. It is always there even when there are no other connections. The sound card is S/blaster audigy,and using Win XP.Has anyone experienced this? is it the card or my sound system? which other than this noise performs great!
Any help please?

  goonerbill 18:50 31 Jul 2003

have audigy as well and dont have your problem. it could be ya speakers. try a friends speakers and see if ya still get the same problem.

sorry cant be of more help.

  birkdalite 19:49 01 Aug 2003

goonerbill Thanks, it looks as though you are right. Will have to raid the piggy bank once again!

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