Heart Internet Cancellation NIGHTMARE!!!

  debzzzz 08:21 20 Jun 2007

Just wanted to warn people about this company.

They attract customers with their low prices, but when they try to cancel the account, they won't let you go!

I have been emailing and raising support tickets for 3 months to cancel my account with Heart, and I am STILL being charged for the service (which I am not using) and STILL battling to get my account cancelled!!

On the Heart Internet Support Database, it states that to cancel you need to email Sales, but when you do this they tell you that you need to raise a Support Ticket.

When you have done this, supposedly your account will be closed, but mine is still open!! They seem to have 'lost' the Support Tickets (I have raised THREE), and refuse to cancel via email!!

Looks like Heart Internet will try and keep customers by refusing to cancel their accounts!

Anyone else find it strange that they hide the REAL way to cancel? This is the link to their Support page stating how to cancel:
click here;question_id=430


  splatter 14:51 20 Jun 2007

Maybe FE can shed some light on this? I believe that he is a reseller for heart.

  HighTower 23:37 21 Jun 2007

I'm also a Heart Internet reseller and I have found their service impeccable. Support tickets have been answered usually within 15 minutes and the product has been excellent.

How did you find them before you wanted to cancel, and why did you want to cancel?

  debzzzz 07:29 22 Jun 2007

I had to cancel as it was only ever a temporary thing for a project my friends and I were doing. Not having a lot of money, we decided Heart would be the best as it offered everything we were looking for at the best price.

Before trying to cancel I had no problems, everything was fine and the one ticket I raised before this was answered very fast - within about 10 minutes!

So as far as everything goes when you actually want them they are fine, but they just don't want to let go! I'm still waiting for the account to be cancelled now!

  HighTower 13:36 22 Jun 2007

Well, first thing I would do is contact your bank and cancel the direct debit. When the money stops coming in they'll probably call you! ;-)

  debzzzz 20:56 24 Jun 2007

can't cancel it that way as it is a credit card payment not direct debit.

  Forum Editor 23:08 24 Jun 2007

via the support ticket facility, and tell them that as they haven't responded to your cancellation request you are going to stop the card payments.

I have not heard of anybody having a similar problem with Heart Internet, they are usually extremely efficient, but there's always a first time.

  debzzzz 07:49 26 Jun 2007

I have contacted them several times and just get the runaround. 'We will look into it' and the like. Will be taking it MUCH further if they take another payment this month.

  45 Mart 20:02 26 Jun 2007

How do I cancel a regular subscription that's paid through my credit card?
You should write to the retailer saying you wish to cancel the subscription. We recommend that you keep a copy of your letter. If the retailer still takes the subscription from your account, please send us a copy of your cancellation letter and we'll take the matter up for you.

Taken from Nat West site.

click here for the full site.

  45 Mart 20:03 26 Jun 2007

Suggest you get in touch with your credit card company and explain everything to them.

  beynac 13:22 24 Jul 2010

I can't see that they "hide the REAL way to cancel". I've just logged on to Heart, gone to the Support Database and entered "cancel hosting" in the search field. This gave me the following answer:

"You must open a support ticket (via the "Contact Customer Services" page) putting Cancellation in the subject title, and one of our support team members will reply back to you. You will be requested to confirm the cancellation and you must do this before we can initiate the cancellation procedure. If you fail to do this, the product will not be cancelled and you may incur renewal charges.

Note - we will only process cancellations requested via this method only, please do not email sales or decide to delete cards/direct debits from your account believing it to be cancelled as this is not the case and you may find yourself locked out of your account and domains."

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