hearing a sound like a ding sound

  Irene40 00:25 14 Dec 2008

as im using my laptop, i can hear a ding sound, one ding then a minute later hear it again, what is this, im scanning the laptop at the moment using avast..so annoying..

  rdave13 00:51 14 Dec 2008

Possibly tinny speakers reproducing a tiny sound produced by Avast while scanning. If you're like me I can hear Bats flying at night. The sound they make to me is like the sound you get when you get a cricking in your neck. If you know what I mean.
You must have very sensitive ears so I'd recommend not standing too close to a microwave when it is cooking.

  Irene40 01:04 14 Dec 2008

i have my volumn on mute and this noise been going on before i started to scan, im still hearing this ok maybe not a ding sound lol what about ping, beep..im telling ya i can hear this coming from this laptop

  rdave13 01:45 14 Dec 2008

Could be a warning of overheating. Always have a laptop on a straight surface as the cooling fan is usually underneath. If the fan can't cool the laptop through being literally on a 'lap' and is being smothered by cloth then this is a warning.

  Irene40 02:33 14 Dec 2008

cheers rdave13 yeap I always hold the laptop on my lap, r on the cushion ..yikes..

  ambra4 03:44 14 Dec 2008

You should use a hard surface like a Lap Tray to rest the laptop on, available at most house hold


Sample of a lap tray

click here

  eedcam 09:39 14 Dec 2008

Have'nt got a cordless Dec phone nearbye?

  Irene40 20:38 14 Dec 2008

yes i also have a cordless phone nearby, haha @sample of laptray, i know what it looked like already, problem has stop now dont hear beep sound cheersss...Merry Christmas to All,

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