Heard so much about ATI 10 that I bought the prog.

  Pamy 12:59 15 Mar 2007

Hello everyone. I have bought Acronis TI 10 and have installed it on my C: drive having read so much about how good it is for restoring your C: drive as was, in the event of a total unrecoverable crash. I have also been following a number of threads concerning this prog. and the problems encountered. I have bought a 320Gb hard drive and made it a USB external drive with an adapter, partitioned it as One(1) NTFS drive (now 298.9Gb). I have printed the manual but find it hard to understand so, can someone please give me step by step instructions how to put a copy of my C: drive onto my new USB drive,so that in the event of a crash I can quickly restore it back as was before the crash.

  FatboySlim71 13:56 15 Mar 2007

This is an excellent place for advice on Acronis TI 10, they have helped me out many times with any questions I have had. You have got to register but this is free, after this you can then post any questions that you are wanting answered. I am sure that you will find your requested information on here.

click here

  Pamy 14:20 15 Mar 2007

Cheers FatboySlim71,will register and learn all I can

  keef66 14:37 15 Mar 2007

I did the same as you, bought TI 10 and an external hdd. I have created a backup of the entire internal HDD; about 60gb data. If I remember it took just a few mouse clicks.

Start true image
Click on Backup
This starts the Create Backup Wizard
Tick Disk 1
Select the location for your backup; ie the external hdd
Give the backup file a name
write a comment / description if this might be useful
Click next or OK or whatever, and off it goes.

Be prepared for it to take a couple of hours

  Pamy 15:25 15 Mar 2007

keef66,tried and this is what I got after a few minutes. E00070021: Cannot access drive.

Cannot create the image of the logical drive C: because it is currently in use by running applications or the logical drive contains bad sectors.

  keef66 16:09 15 Mar 2007

Oh dear. Mine went according to the instructions.

Your new forum sounds like your best bet.

  pj123 17:10 15 Mar 2007

Never used Acronis.

In the past on my Win 98SE system I used xxcopy free from click here and

on my XP system I am now using xxclone also free from click here

Never had any problems.

My C: drive (western digital 40gb) did in fact die about 2 weeks ago. I had a clone on a Seagate 40gb. All it took was the time to disconnect the WD drive and connect the Seagate and reboot. All up an running again.

Have now got another 40gb hard drive to replace the WD failure and have xxcloned my C: to that.

I also tested it by taking out the Seagate and putting in the new cloned (Maxtor 40gb) and it works fine.

  woodchip 17:47 15 Mar 2007

First in the Acronis Program in Windows you should go to Menu and choose Create Rescue CD. You can then restore From the External drive, after booting with the CD it loads mouse and keyboard drivers into Memory you then choose Restore full not safe recover, brows to the backup Image and follow it through.
I create a Image to the Internal Drive, to a Partition then copy or Drag the File on to the External drive, I find there is less chance of write errors

  Pamy 18:46 16 Mar 2007

Just an update, I have tried 3/4 times to "backup my C: drive (from within XP) to my external USB drive without success. Each time it stops with the same error message(above).
I also tried 3times from the bootable CD that I made from TI, again after 2.5 hrs it stopped with an error message (could not read data from an area of the C: drive) clicked "try again" but no good, but on last attempt at same place I click on "Ignor" and it carried on then stopped again with same error so, clicked "ignor" again and it finally said it had completed successfully. I then clicked "Validate" backup and it said that it was corupt.I have opened the backup and it looks OK. Will have to wait and see when the time comes to restore. Downloaded xxclone and used without problems, but this is not quite what I want as I want to restore original C: drive when it crashes, but thanks pj123.

  woodchip 21:27 16 Mar 2007

AS I said do it as above

  woodchip 21:30 16 Mar 2007

Do not tick validate Image box. test it after. Also write it to the main Hard Drive to a Different Partition to the C:\ drive. then drag to USB drive

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