Hear is a Problem as a follow up to my thread

  woodchip 14:46 16 Oct 2003

I have had this problem for quite a while, It is my External Modem on Win98. If I connect Dial-Up after starting Windows it's no problem, but if I disconnect from ISP, then reconnect I get the problem of the modem although connected it is, or appears to be in a hung state. Any Help with is would be much appreciated. Woodchip
PS if I reboot it's OK, and the MODEM is a Dynamode

  woodchip 16:39 16 Oct 2003


  woodchip 16:50 16 Oct 2003

Any body

  woodchip 17:25 16 Oct 2003

Well this look's likw a duff question

  woodchip 17:48 16 Oct 2003

Well mite as well call it a day on this thread also

  seedie 17:58 16 Oct 2003

You looked a bit lonely.

Take it you've done all the usual stuff like drivers, divine intervention etc.
Umm don't have clue but

Can we assume that when you log off the modem is not being restored to its idle state.what about a modem diagnostics proggie or a comms proggie and send a AT&f ? to the modem.


  woodchip 23:03 16 Oct 2003

Yes as you say, if it was not for a modem program I would be wondering what the problem was but it tell's me the above that it is in hung state. If I turn the modem of and back on it still does not work fully like a reboot, I have an idea this is windows related

  Rtus 23:52 16 Oct 2003

Sorry I was late noticing your post..I vaguely (& I do mean Vaguely ,) remember its down to modem hogging the W98 system memory motorola (rockwell)based chip modems were one that displayed this bug..i forget if it was an updated rnaap required.or something else ..But Try starting windows > ctrl+ atl + del And jot down whats running >cancel that screen then start your browser ..run the Ctrl + A + Del again jot down any new entries..i'll try searching for info on my backup files im sure i had this problem way back.......

  woodchip 10:44 17 Oct 2003

IT is a rockwell chip, I will check it out and leave the info, but I may have to go out. The main ones that I can see are Rnaapp,Syshook other than PCA etc they are the only ones I can see with Ctrl+Alt+Del that are extra, I know Rnaapp is for My Dial-Up ?but Syshook????????

  Rtus 11:59 17 Oct 2003
  woodchip 15:48 17 Oct 2003

Thank's but it does not cover it, I have recreated Telephone.ini by deleting it the double clicking on tapiini.exe. this is supposed to repair it but me thinks otherwise.

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