Health warning with SP2

  shortcircuit 08:00 03 Sep 2004

There should be a government PC health warning with SP2.

I have a very reliable computer which has never missed a beat, but after a week, decided to install sp2.

After it loaded, it rebooted and then failed to load. I tried...
safe mode
last best configuration
resetting bios
changing hardware
slowing down pc speed
used xp disk to repair,
blew over fresh install


I had to reinstall a fresh copy and then then all was back to normal.

When you look at what sp2 actually does, you wonder whether its worth the risk. What will it do that a good firewall and Norton securities won't do.

I expect this is just another set of bloatware launched by Bill which slowly over a course of a year makes your pc run slower...slower and slower. so you have to upgrade to a faster processor and his next new o/s.

Yes! I am bitter, but so would anyone who has experienced this problem. Where was the warning? Nothing!

And I know I'm not the only one!

SP? Steer clear unless you like the risk.


  sattman 08:06 03 Sep 2004

This and the weakened security aspect makes me ever more convinced to stay with the windows ME,

  €dstowe 08:08 03 Sep 2004

I have SP2 installed on all 15 of my studio computers. There was no problem with any of them.

  shortcircuit 08:10 03 Sep 2004

Not sure I would go that far....But I get your jist.

I like Xp..but I feel I've been made a mug. I have experienced these problems with 9X software, but thought Xp was bulletproof. Obviously not.

  shortcircuit 08:19 03 Sep 2004

Not saying that the majority of people will have problems, but if I knew off the risk, I would not of bothered.

By reading mags and sites like these , I felt compelled to install it, and then ended up with 3 hr work. Lucky I always back up. But what about those people who don't?

In future, I will let new releases run for a few months and then review, as even Xp is not safe from poorly writen, non-compatible software.

  techpro 09:07 03 Sep 2004

SP2 is more than just the Security Center and a new firewall. It also beefs up IE security and fixes a lot of Windows vulnerabilities. Some people have had problems installing ordinary security patches. There's always a risk, but considering the number of people who install these things successfully it's a small one. Not that that's much compensation if you're one of the unlucky few, I suppose. :)

FWIW I installed it on 3 computers. My Toshiba laptop ran like treacle afterwards so I used the factory restore disk to take it back to its original state and then did the update again, and it now runs better than it did pre-update.

  €dstowe 09:51 03 Sep 2004

"Lucky I always back up. But what about those people who don't?"

There are specific statements about backing up at the beginning of the SP2 update.

  Eamonncw 21:00 03 Sep 2004

Sorry mate, wall to wall seamless download from disc and no problems

  Eamonncw 21:03 03 Sep 2004

Sorry Shortcircuit I had a wall to wall seamless
download from a CD and no problems after....yet.

  Al94 21:04 03 Sep 2004

Agreed, 18 PC's now updated with SP 2 and no issues to date. Best thing since sliced bread.

  Jackcoms 21:11 03 Sep 2004

This is just another "I had no problems" or "it all went wrong for me" thread.

In any event why isn't it in the SP2 forum?

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