headset and microphone not working

  morgueman 12:21 10 Feb 2008

Hi all, cant seem to get my headset and microphone to work! I have windows XP, a soundmax sound card, which i have a 5.1 logitech speakers connected to it. Below this is the pink and green buttons for microphone and speakers, also have two ports at the front of the pc for the same thing.
When i select the microphone in soundmax, a yellow triangle comes up with a black exclamination mark in it, so not sure why that happens. Also playing online games, can hear sound through the normal speakers but not the headset.
So do i have do something with the normal speakers to use the headset and microphone or is it something totally different i should be doing? Tried all the other windows sound options but still no use!
Can anyone help please? thanks

  King6m 17:38 12 Feb 2008

when hedphones are plugged in windows should automaticly transfer the sound outputted to the headphone device. if the sound is still coming out of the speakers this probably means that windows is not regestering the fact that the headphones are plugged in try plugging them into all headphone ports on your pc. as for the microphone, if you double click the sound icon in the botom righthand corner of the screen (next to the clock) then you should get a dialog window one of these options is line in, however this will only output the audio not neceserily chang how it is being inputed. to test the micrphone try recording from it in windwos sound recorder, (start > programs > accessories > entertainment >soundrecorder) and then you should be able to see an oscillating line if there is sound being recorded. if no sound is being recorded, check your microphone, and then if it is ok try checking for (updated) sound card drivers.

  morgueman 12:44 15 Feb 2008

got it sorted thanks, went a got a microphone with a usb connection and the pc recognised it when i plugged it in!

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