Heads Up New Win XP Updates Available

  Lozzy 23:47 23 Jul 2003

New Updates available on the windows update site..

  Philip2 13:26 24 Jul 2003

Are they safe?? as in the past you put these updates in then you start getting problems.
I have put the SP1 updates in then switched off the auto updating XP has never worked better.

  Lozzy 11:45 25 Jul 2003

Its up to you but if your on the net a lot then I would suggest you do. They are safe but in the end its up to you.

  Djohn 11:58 25 Jul 2003

I understand Philip2's concern, as a couple of the download/up-dates, one in particular have been causing many users untold problems. PC's slowing to a crawl and almost unusable. Microsoft removed one of the up-dates and re-placed with a new version only a couple of months back, [Forgot the number for now] But it's made many people cautious of downloading again. Keep well, Regards j.

  Lozzy 22:14 25 Jul 2003

Point taken

  User-312386 22:29 25 Jul 2003

DirectX 9B is available in the new updates

Just downloading it now, it takes about 5 mins over 512 BB conection

  User-312386 22:55 25 Jul 2003

The new DirectX 9B and the new NVIDIA drivers and the system is flying and i mean flying

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