headphones on sb audigy sound card

  halfwit 12:25 01 Feb 2004

anyone got a clue how to connect headphones and 5.1 speakers to a soundblaster audigy card or can i plug the 'phones into the onboard sound

  bremner 12:32 01 Feb 2004

click here and you must disable your on board sound in the BIOS

  halfwit 12:59 01 Feb 2004

trouble is the speaker connections use all the available outputs

  bremner 13:35 01 Feb 2004

If you look here click here

The speakers connect to the green and black terminals leaving three others one of which is the headphones.

  halfwit 17:18 01 Feb 2004

connected to the green and black connectors but got no output on any other socket to phones. am i doing something fundamentaly wrong or have i lost an output from my soundcard?

  britto 18:15 01 Feb 2004

orange = digital out / blue = line in / pink = mic jack / green = front out / black = rear out.
plug phones into green,in surroundsound mixer select headphones, if speakers are still active turn sound down by the independent volume control then use the volume control on the taskbar for headphones.

  britto 18:20 01 Feb 2004
  Rayuk 19:09 01 Feb 2004

Does this then allow you to change from speakers to headphones via the Creative Volume Control/Speaker settings?

Or would this be to easy

  Rayuk 19:11 01 Feb 2004

Just to clarify on above using 3 splitters and a Zalman Surround Headphones

click here

  britto 19:48 01 Feb 2004

Not using splitters myself,as I only need to do this now and again. maybe someone on here has tried it.Having looked at those speakers I would think they should be connected to your sound card on their own for quality.

  obbit 19:55 01 Feb 2004

i do it like this. i have a double jack plug in the main line out socket of the audigy sound card and an short audio lead to the front of my table.
i can plug in and out the head phones when evr i like. by turning the remote control to the speakers off i can have just the head phones on.

i have an ordinary sanyo set of phones purchased from a car boot.

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