Headphones or speakers

  radi8or 14:53 01 Aug 2004

Hi all,

Have got a Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS sound card fitted, works great with audio discs and my 2.1
speakers, but have singed up for a learning course and need to use headphones (wife wants to watch/listen to telly)

Anybody know how I can use both, with out diving down the back of computer and changing plugs over.

The Quick Start guide doesn't help much seems to cater more for the platinum with the remote connector box.

Thanks in advance

Regards Bob

  Smiler 15:11 01 Aug 2004

Try this

Go here click here

enter RK58N into product search box then click on Mini-Headphone Splitter (Stereo).

This should allow you to connect your speakers and the headphones(with 3.5mm plug) at the same time. All you need to do is turn the speakers down when using the headphones.

  radi8or 15:28 01 Aug 2004


Hi thanks for link, you would think with all them holes at the back you would be able to just plug in and mute the speakers, to easy I suppose.

thanks again Smiler

Regards Bob

  €dstowe 15:32 01 Aug 2004

One of my machines is fitted with Creative SBS270 twin speakers. The master speaker of the pair has a headphone and Mic socket on the front. They were very low cost. click here

  radi8or 16:20 01 Aug 2004


Thanks for response think Smilers solution is better as am happy with my speakers and it's cheaper :0))

Regards Bob

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