Headphones not working

  researcher 18:00 04 Jan 2003
  researcher 18:00 04 Jan 2003

Sytem basics: XP home, ASUS A7V333 motherboard, Athlon 2100, N'Vidia 4600 graphics and Audigy Soundblaster live sound card, Audigy Inspire 5300 speakers.

I've tried all the threads regarding microphones/headphones, but still no joy. I've tried front and back (card, plus board) sockets. All enabled in XP/Audigy management tools. No sound mutes on, volumes turned up, etc. Microphone works - but only through sound card, not motherboard or front PC sockets. Front USB sockets work fine. No sound when plugged direct into DVD Rom, cannot test CD Rom direct cos of case design blocking socket.

Oh, headphones work - when PC powered up it tells me its strarting through them when plugged into sound card, but thereafter I cannot hear anything. All other sound through speakers is fine.

I've not opened up the PC, its only a couple of months old and I'm concerned about warrenty issues.

  rickf 18:04 04 Jan 2003

Are the wires connected onto the board? You might need to check that. Ring up the people you bought the pc from and ask if warrnaty becomes void if you check it yourself.Get it in writng so that you have proof. At any rate you can open the case to have a look provided you are careful and not leave tell tale signs that you have done so, like scratching the area around the screws. Don't alter anything else if you do look inside!

  DieSse 18:30 04 Jan 2003

If you have a separate sound card, the motherboard sound connectors will not work at all - they will (should) have been disabled, in order to make the sound card work correctly.

Whether the front case sockets work depends on the audigy card - whether it has connectors to wiry the front sockets to, and whether it will allow both front and rear (on the card) sockets to work together. I know with on board sound, you usually cannot have both front and rear sockets working at the same time.

So the headphones are only ever likely to work when plugged into the Audigy. You say the speakers do - are there separate headphone sockets on an Audigy? - normally the speakers have a headphone socket on them (look on the bass unit)

The DVD socket may well not work - modern devices tend to disabled this is there is an audio cable plugged in. You shouldn't really need an audio cable though. I'm not aware whether DVD drives sockets are likely to work with DVDs, or only with CDs, have you tried this.

  researcher 19:22 04 Jan 2003

Rickf - Looks like I might need to open up the case - I need to anyway to find out exactly what model Audigy I have, this may answer the front connection Q as well.

DieSse - yes there are seperate mic and headphone sockets on the sound card and the sub does not have headphone sockets. All should work from the card. DVC & CD should both be playable from the DVD Rom, but I also have read that modern drives have the socket disabled.

Any more suggestions are welcolme before I open up the case. Thanks so far.

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