headphone/microphone connection problems

  campal 22:30 21 Jul 2003

i am trying to connect the above item.it has 2 plugs pink and green, if i connect these to the appropriate fittings on card nothing happens if i connect it to the speaker it works how can i get both to work together icannot connect 1 to the speaker and the other to the sound card as the lead is not long enough, can anybody help please.

  User-312386 22:32 21 Jul 2003

what programme are trying to use the mic with ?

what operating system are you using?

  campal 22:34 21 Jul 2003

i have not tried it with a progamme i am using win me

  User-312386 22:37 21 Jul 2003

well you just cant plug the microphone in and think it will just work

you will need an application to use the microphone, such as windows sound recorder

I dont know where it is located in ME although i would look in Entertainment under accessories

  DieSse 23:37 21 Jul 2003

Well you could get an extension cable for the mic part.

If your headphones work in the socket on the speaker, they should work in the socket on the back, of the system - but they usually need plugging into the speaker output. You can get a double adapter for this.

Do you actually have a seperate headphone output - if you do, then perhaps this is afulty, or has it's volume turnd down, or is muted.

Please post what sound card you have, and someone may be able to expalin further.

  woodchip 23:47 21 Jul 2003

How do you know it's not working if you cannot test it? as above you have to use as phonr or Voice recognition to know if it's working. You also need to set the sound properties so it will work also, by right clicking on the speaker icon in system tray, and open volume control. Go to Options for Microphone and recording

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