Headphone socket query

  de_de 11:15 30 Mar 2005

I would like to enjoy my online gaming through headphones at night...my problem is I don't have a socket.

I have an MSI P4 2.4GHZ SIS648 MAX motherboard with onboard AC97 sound. Connected to this is a Creative 4.1 sound system, which I am more than happy with. Therefore I don't really want to purchase a seperate sound card.

I feel stupid asking this but is there a headphone socket type product that I could just plug into a spare PCI slot or something. Or do I need to buy a sound card?

If I need to buy a soundcard, could you recommend something that is relatively cheap and will be as good or better than my onboard AC97 / creative system (which is pretty good I think).

Thanks Paul

  DieSse 11:17 30 Mar 2005

You can use the normal lodspeaker socket. If you want to have both connected at the same time, then you can get a "doubler, with one plug and two sockets, from almost ant TV/radio type shop.

  DieSse 11:19 30 Mar 2005

PS - as an alternative you can get many nice headphones with a USB connector. Get one with a microphone as well, for future use talking across the web. Logitech do some nice ones - get these from any computer shop.

  de_de 11:22 30 Mar 2005

I never thought of that! How stupid am i! Thanks for that, I knew it would be something simple.

  Starfox 11:31 30 Mar 2005

What about USB? click here

  jbp1982 12:17 30 Mar 2005

Belkin splitter from Argos £4.99.

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