Headphone socket on Creative DTT2200

  Phil P 21:33 22 Jul 2003

I have a Creative DeskTop Theatre DTT2200 linked to a Evesham home computer. I enjoy listening to music and find the media player and system very good. My only problem is that sometimes I would like to listen to the media player through headphones and the set up has no headphone socket. Does anyone know how to incorporate a headphone socket into the Creative / Evesham system.

  crx1600 21:57 22 Jul 2003

unfortunately there is no headphone socket supplied.

the usual method is to unplug the front speakers from the soundcard at the back of PC, and plug headphones in there (the green socket).

you'll have to turn the other speakers off, at the 'remote' volume control/on/off switch.

you can buy a 'splitter' to enable both the Fr speakers and the headphones to be plugged in.

  Brazils 22:20 22 Jul 2003

I have had a similar problem with my Creative surround sound speakers. I asked a similar question before, but was never told about this 'splitter'.

Does it turn off the speaker sound when the headphones are in, and where can I obtain it?

I even went to Maplins, and they could not think of a solution.

I can't get easy access to the rear of my tower, so I find the lack of a headphone socket on my speakers a pain.

The funny thing is I have a cheap pair of stereo speakers and they have a headphone socket and a Mic' throughport! Trouble is, they are connected to the PC in the bedroom.

  crx1600 22:39 22 Jul 2003

read this one click here for more info.

  Phil P 15:58 23 Jul 2003

I agree with Brazils the lack of a headphone socket is a real pain. I have a mate who has just purchased a new Evesham PC siupplied with Creative 6.1 surrond sound and they have now incorporated a headphone socket into the volume control. Contacted Creative to ask if I could purchase same and if it would work on my system but they never replied.

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