Headphone socket

  harrycowen 14:57 08 Dec 2010

Hi there,

I have an Acer Aspire 5532, and I have noticed that the small metal piece, which is normally in the headphone socket, is missing.
This causes no sound unless I hold the headphone connector in a certain place.
I was wondering what kind of job is needed; whether I need to send it of to be repaired, or if it is only small job which could be carried out at home?

A picture of the socket can be found here click here

Thanks in advance

  Bris 17:06 08 Dec 2010

Hi Harry

It looks as if the outer connector has broken off. I doubt that you would be able to repair the socket and would need to replace it. These are normally soldered to the motherboard so you would need to dismantle the laptop to get to it and source a new one, take out the old one and solder in the new one. Sourcing one may be a bit tricky but they are fairly standard and you may be able to get one from Maplins.

  harrycowen 18:29 08 Dec 2010

Thank you for your reply Bris.

I have had a look on the Maplins website, but I can't find what I am looking for. If you could tell me the name of the product I am looking for, or link me to the product on the maplins website, it would be much appreciated.


  mooly 19:36 08 Dec 2010

It may not be as straightforward as you think. Many Acers use the headphone socket to output optical SPDIF (My Apire 9301 does) so the socket also has the optical sender inbuilt. Does it say SPDIF on the front next to the socket.

Dismantling a laptop in itself isn't always straightforward and unsolder a socket on a multi layer PCB is a recipe for disaster unless you have the right equipment and technique.

You'll find many 3.5mm stereo jack sockets here but not with inbuilt opto.
click here

  robin_x 19:56 08 Dec 2010

It's a PCB Mount 3.5mm stereo socket you want.

click here
click here
click here

Tricky to find PC ones with the green plastic.

Also no guarantee it is pin compatible.
ie the legs not in same place to solder to motherboard.

Desolder the old one and see if you local PC repair shop can help. They may have old products that can be cannibalised.

Or buy a male-female 3.5mm extension cable from supermarket, pound shop or local electrical or audio shop. Cut the female end off with a few inches of cable. Strip the cables to solder to board.
Superglue/Ty-rap housing onto board.
Square moulded housing woud be better for that.

Its all a bit mickey mouse of course.

  robin_x 19:59 08 Dec 2010

...STEREO extension cable etc...

And applies to Mooly's link.

Lots of mono 3.5mms around.

I dunno about SPDIF. Hopefully you just have a normal headphone socket

  Woolwell 20:02 08 Dec 2010

Contact Acer and see what the cost of repair is. Unfortunately it is an 0870 number 0870 853 1000. The unit is just outside Plymouth.

  robin_x 20:09 08 Dec 2010

or..USB solutions..click here

  ton 20:46 08 Dec 2010

I think the USB option as suggested above by robinofloxley is your best bet. Prices start at only about a fiver.

  woodchip 21:15 08 Dec 2010

Taking a Laptop apart is normally a Nightmare, speciously so without instructions, all the screws are different sizes and lengths

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