Fillymouskwitz 20:07 26 Jan 2004

Hey All,

I have an Evesham 1900+.

I have Creative DTT2200 Theatre 5.1 speakers attached.

Ever since I had the machine, the headphone jack on the front of CD ROM player does not work. When I select headphones in the creative panel the front left and right speakers just play.

I've tried everything. Does this warrant a call to Evesham or has anyone got a suggestion ?



  britto 20:25 26 Jan 2004

Headphones should plug into your soundcard,I think.

  smegs 21:36 26 Jan 2004

Please anyone tell me if I'm wrong, yes U should be able to plug Ur h/phones into the CD player and hear something. Have U put a Music CD in and tried it that way? I think thats the only way it works.

  smegs 22:28 26 Jan 2004

Fillymouskwitz, Just tried mine, had it nearly 2yrs, never tried it. Mine doesn't work. If U R getting sound from Ur speakers, I wouldn't worry about it. I'm not.

  britto 22:47 26 Jan 2004

Plug your headphones into rear out (black) socket of soundcard,you may have to take the other two out so they do not play through the speakers.

  Gaz W 23:01 26 Jan 2004

The headphone jack on the front of CD/DVD drives will only work for playing an audio disc using the drive itself and CD playing software. It can't be used as a headphone socket like the one on your sound card is - this is only audio out from the CD drive.

Also, as far as I know, you're not supposed to use that anyway if you have the analogue lead connected to your sound card/onboard sound, and on some drives it doesn't work.

Just a thought...

  TBH1 23:56 26 Jan 2004

yep, your headphone socket on your cd drive will only work with the cd in that drive - - the socket you want for everything else will be on your soundcard somewhere.

  Wrinkles 00:02 27 Jan 2004

My solution to this was to get a splitter jack. (double adapter)this allows both speakers and headphones to plug into sound card. when using phones turn down the speakers and phones work. Better still if phones have volume control on them

  hugh-265156 00:09 27 Jan 2004

looks something like click here

should pick one up from maplins etc.

  Wrinkles 00:15 27 Jan 2004

Yep thats it, posher than mine and $5. mine cost £1.50

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