Headphone connector snapped off in laptop jack

  FTL 15:28 08 Feb 2018

Hi, My son managed to snap his headphone connector off inside of the laptop. Tried everything i can to get it out but it wont budge.

Question is, if i buy a USB to audio adapter, will this then show as an additional sound device that i can set as default to bypass the onboard speakers/headphone jack so i can have sound again?

Tried looking for a repalcement jack on the internet that i can solder on and cant find one (HP 255 G5 laptop)

Thanks in advance

  wee eddie 15:41 08 Feb 2018

What Model is the Laptop?

  FTL 15:49 08 Feb 2018

HP 255 G5 Eddie

  Jollyjohn 15:59 08 Feb 2018

If you can see the broken end inside the jack you could try this method. Straighten out a paper clip, dip the end in Superglue and place on end of broken piece, WAIT, then gently twist and pull. May take a couple of attempts, good luck.

  Forum Editor 16:06 08 Feb 2018

"Tried everything i can to get it out but it wont budge."

Get a short length of copper wire (The conductor wire from 2.5 Twin and earth power cable is perfect) and some Araldite two-part adhesive. Mix up some adhesive and put a tiny blob on the end of the copper wire.

Insert the end of the wire until the adhesive touches the broken headphone jack. Now comes the hard part - you have to find a way to keep the wire in place while the adhesive cures overnight. A small roll of paper works well as a wedge. The important thing is not to let the adhesive come into contact with the sides of the hole - use only a very small amount.

If you get it right, you will be able to pull gently on the wire in the morning, and withdraw the broken part.

Proceed at your own risk. The worst thing that can happen is that you glue the broken part to the inside of the hole.

  wee eddie 16:29 08 Feb 2018

Watch this look - bottom right

If this is similar to your model you may be able to access the broken pin to push it out

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