Headings in Microsoft Access tables

  O2 14:26 15 Jun 2004

By default, Access includes a heading when a table is printed and this can be removed using the 'Page Setup' menu. However, could anyone tell me how to edit the heading? I'm sure it's simple but I just can't see how to do it.

Many thanks.

  Lozzy 14:51 15 Jun 2004

Question, Are you using "Jet 4 Database" in Access??

  O2 13:15 16 Jun 2004

Thanks for your reply, Lozzy. I'm sorry, I'm not that well up with Access to tell. How can I find out? It's office 2000, if that's any good. Cheers.

  O2 14:38 21 Jun 2004

Just trying again to see if anyone else can help with this one.


  Bearsy 16:22 21 Jun 2004

You could use the Office Links button. Highlight the table you want to print, select Publish with MSWord, edit the headings in Word and print from there

  Valvegrid 17:34 21 Jun 2004

If it's the headings above each column, then open Access, highlight the table you want to change, then on top there is Design View, click on that one then you'll be able to edit the headings.

  O2 20:37 21 Jun 2004

Thanks, Bearsy and Valvegrid, for your help. Yes, exporting the table and editing in Word could do it. Valvegrid - no, not field headings, but a header which, by default, prints the table name and date. I still feel that it must be possible to edit this from within Access. Cheers, and thanks again.

  Valvegrid 21:54 21 Jun 2004

Ok, understand. The header is derived from the file name, if you want to change the header, change the file name or as Bearsy says, publish in word.

Alternatively run a report on the table, if you use the wizard to build to report, then if you don't like the heading you can change it in design, have a play with it, its quite easy.

  O2 12:39 22 Jun 2004

Thanks again, Valvegrid. Yes, I'm OK with report and form design. However, I have a reason for needing to change the header within Access when printing the table itself. It's not merely a matter of changing the file name, I'm afraid, but more of being able to add text to the header if possible. I just feel that this is something which Access must allow (much as using a header when printing an Excel worksheet). Obviously, it's not as simple as I expected! All good wishes.

  HauxtonPhil 12:44 22 Jun 2004

Easiest way to do what I think you want to do is as follows

Open up Table in Design View.
Select the field that you want to change.
Go to the section at the bottom (the bit with the General and Lookup tabs), then go down to Caption and type in the heading that you want at teh top of the column.
This does NOT change the name of the field, merely the heading at teh top of the table.

Hope this helps

  O2 20:01 22 Jun 2004

Thanks for the advice, HauxtonPhil, but it's not the field titles (at the top of the columns in field view) which I want to edit. It's the default header (table name and date) which Access puts in when a table is printed. This is easy enough to delete (via page set up), but can it be edited? Cheers.

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