hdmi - whats the problem??

  smithers jones 23:18 31 Aug 2008


been setting up a toshiba dvd player connecting to a panasonic tv (approx 2 years old).

there is a HDMI cable which appears to slot simply into the rear of the dvd and also the tv, but when connected nothing comes up on screen.

Haven't used hdmi before but I assume it works as simply as scart (and in the same way)

any suggestions as to why I get nothing?


  ambra4 23:27 31 Aug 2008

Have selected the the correct video input on the tv

  Graham. 23:32 31 Aug 2008

Does the DVD player play High Definition discs, or upscales?

  smithers jones 23:42 31 Aug 2008

thanks folks

regarding the first point - if I use a scart lead to obtain the dvd "channel" on the tv it comes on automatically when the dvd is turned on (as av1). I know that if it does not appear then the av button on the remote will find it.

the tv has av1,2,3,3,4,5 and also displays hdmi1 and 2 but none of these display the dvd screen when the dvd is on (when only using the hdmi cable)

regarding point 2 I can't say for sure but at a guess I would say upscale. Does this make a difference?

  smithers jones 23:43 31 Aug 2008

sorry point of note, it does not play hi def disc, it plays standard ones

  GRIDD 23:56 31 Aug 2008

Is there an optionin the DVD player's menu to select output method? It might think the scart is still connected and not the HDMI lead. When the HDMI is in make sure the scart is removed.

  FatboySlim71 09:29 01 Sep 2008

There should be a menu on your DVD player (could be under Display/Picture settings) where you switch/choose the HDMI settings, eg 720, 1080.

I know on my Panasonic TV and DVD Recorder I still have got to have the scart connected for it to then switch to HDMI if I'm not mistaken.

Just a thought but check in your TV's Picture settings menu to see if there is any mention to HDMI in there as well, you may need to alter/switch something on in there too.

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